Anberlin Final Tour Preview

Kathleen Finley

AO: As it is your final tour, what kind of tone/atmosphere do you hope the tour to have?
Deon: We just hope everyone enjoys the music we’ve made through all the years. For us, this isn’t a funeral; it’s a celebration of 12 years of music and community.

 Interview w/ 
Cory Branan

Darren C. Demaree

Very true. I wanted to ask you about your writing process, and you how write the songs you’re performing now.
You know, to call it a process would be very generous. It’s pretty nebulous. 

American Sharks @ Headliner's

Lisa Sanchez

Hardin writes all of the bands lyrics and attributes his inspirations to the results of demon rituals, dreams, and drug-induced states. Something that relates to every music fan on a visceral level.


.5 The Gray Chapter

Lisa Sanchez

.5 The Gray Chapter falls solidly in the middle of Slipknot's sound progression. Somewhere between Iowa and Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) which I'm sure pleases pretty much no one at this point.

New Found Glory


Lisa Sanchez

You can't go wrong with four dudes jumping up and down while singing about love, loss, and getting older. We can all relate to that.

Iron Reagan

The Tyranny of Will

Lisa Sanchez

I highly recommend The Tyranny of Will and air drumming until your arms snap off at the elbows.

In Flames

Siren Charms

Steve Allanson

Even though In Flames purists might have a problem swallowing the softer approach, it would be hard not to appreciate the talent portrayed by the band in their eleventh-studio album.

Music Showcase

Bear Hands - Agora

2014-2015 Cleveland Cavaliers Season Preview

Chad W. Lutz

If you run into Minnesota Timberwolves fans, take the time to thank them for Kevin Love. Minnesotans are extremely genial people, good-natured and courteous. Chances are they completely understand and are gracious enough to appreciate your honesty and your own expressed gratitude.

Flavors Eatery


Chad W. Lutz

Would I make this a staple place to eat out? Probably not. But what the restaurant does offer is options for those with special dietary needs, which may, in effect, make Flavors a bit more than a casual place to eat. It may become your favorite.

Fall Fests, Fun, and Frights 2014

Hallie Kosovich

Light those bonfires and tell those ghost stories because fall has arrived and is just waiting to be enjoyed!

"Rock Is Dead"

Chad W. Lutz

It doesn't take a Facebook post by Dave Grohl to know that artists like Father John Misty, Gary Clark Jr., Bon Iver, and even pop-associated acts like Imagine Dragons still carry the same torch handed on from Holly to Hendrix to Harrison and the many other H acts since. The light might not shine as bright, but rhythms of the fires still move us in the same ways. 

On John Kasich, Commencement Speaker

Darren C. Demaree

Kasich walked in just as it was time for the directors and faculty to enter the auditorium, he milled about silently until it was our turn to enter in front of the soon-to-be graduates, and he sat down, not on stage with the other leaders of the school, but with his aids in a seat in the corner of the room.

The Top 20 Summer Jams Ever. Period. We did it. No. You're Wrong. These are them.

Neal Christyson and Steven Casimer Kowalski

Summer is heat, sand, lakes, rivers, backyards, drinking in parks, bad decisions, GREAT decisions, slow afternoons, late nights, early mornings and, at least for us, it’s the perfect time for new experiences. The songs on this list ARE summer to us.

AltOhio Best Summer Music Spotify Playlist

For A Better Buckeye

October Schedule

Chad W. Lutz

Attention Athletes! We’re chugging right along through the calendar. It’s fall, and that means cooler temps, hayrides, bonfires, and apple pie. There are plenty of reasons to stop and enjoy the season, but don’t let the festivities keep you from reaching your goals. As per usual, we bring you our monthly list of events taking place in the Buckeye State to help keep you healthy, happy, and active.

Whether you’re a full-time pro or just getting into the swing of things, these events offer a wide variety of competition for every age and every level of athletic ability.

The Bookshelf


Kathleen Finley

It may take a bit of searching, but you can find some real gems there.

In My Ohio

On the Impending Goodbyes

Darren C. Demaree

You don’t have to die well if you’ve lived well enough.

On My Daughter's Secret Soccer Game Plan

Darren C. Demaree

I know my daughter pretty well, and though she isn’t the devastating force her little brother is, I know she is always planning something. 

On The Two Years of Temporary Champions

Darren C. Demaree

This was the first time I had looked beyond myself for poetry, and it took two years of new effort to make it happen.  Here are the re-worked notes I took on the process of research, of writing, of submission, and finally of the production of the book.
Find the entire column all here...

The Flaming Ice Cube


Chad W. Lutz

If you don’t like plants, this place probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re plant-curious and looking to pop that culinary cherry, I’d say give The Flaming Ice Cube a try.

Empress Taytu


Lisa Sanchez

There were huts constructed inside the building, which provided your own private shelter when you settled for dinner. The chairs were squat stools pulling your knees close to your chest. There are common tables as well, but I like to be adventurous upon entering a foreign land.