39th Cleveland International Film Festival

Opening Night Gala

I'll See You In My Dreams

Chad W. Lutz

The great thing about Ohio, much like the Cleveland International Film Festival; there's opportunity abound. You might have to battle traffic, potholes, and comic-book movie filming to enjoy it, but it's there nonetheless. More...

A Preview

Lisa Sanchez
‚ÄčI always try to formulate a strategy in order to watch the most movies, get at least four hours of sleep at night and not lose my job. Inevitably, I plan to see more movies than human eyes can reasonably encounter, but it's all worth it in the end. More...

The Incident

A Review

Lisa Sanchez

The movie is a well-crafted depiction of human suffering in a surreal setting, combined with legitimate "what the fuck?" moments and a plot that keeps the audience guessing well after they've left the theatre. More...