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4th Street Studio

Rachel Mooney
There's quite possibly nothing more frightening than do-it-yourself instructions for at-home projects, with column upon column of muddled directions convoluting your design concept and inevitably making any creative project seem overwhelming. Reupholstering a chair suddenly seems as daunting as dismembering the Hubble Space Telescope as you slouch defeated on your living room floor, surrounded by unidentified metal bits and cloth pieces.  While do-it-yourself tutorials and home rehab projects appear impossible at first glance, never settle to pay for what you can do yourself.  If clear direction from an experienced leader is what your creative concept needs to succeed, look no further than the 4th Street Studio. Located at 1950 N 4th Street, owner Beth Hinsworth offers a multitude of open classes guaranteed to bring out your inner Bob Vila to revamp household items and learn new techniques for decorating your home.

Offering an excess of classes for novices at convenient times each week, 4th Street Studio has been open for over 4 years and allows you to 'drop in' occasionally for creative direction unlike scheduled classes, requiring no commitment. The studio encourages bringing wine and food to class, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, each visit starts at a mere $10 and basic materials are typically included.  Mondays and Tuesdays at the studio offer mosaic tutorials, popular with those looking to learn mosaic design for renovating kitchen back splashes to rehabbing indoor and outdoor table tops, cabinets, dressers, lamp bases or creating something less functional such as wall art or decorative mirrors.  An experienced artist with a technical background, Beth states, ‘My contemporary glass mosaics meld the ancient art of mosaic with the complexity and textures of modern glass.’ Drink wine with friends or family as you learn to lay mosaic, grout and finish just about any item in your home.  More than just a class, it is an open forum for ideas and mosaic is just the tip of the iceberg. Beth hopes to encourage people to, ‘surprise themselves and gain confidence in the ability to produce something for their home that is truly creative.’ Throughout the week, you can bring in any project of your own, such as recycled product projects, home interior crafts, furniture rehab, ceramics and much more. Even those not artistically inclined will find crafting home items easy, affordable and suddenly far less daunting as they learn from experienced art gurus and become part of the self-proclaimed, ‘Arts community that encourages people to explore their creativity.’

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