9 Words (2016)

Game #1

​Still rehearsing,
those runners assumed
every base was home.

(L 6-2 Vs Red Sox)
Game #2

The cold
& the rain cannot
combat a laser.

(W 7-6 Vs Red Sox)
Game #3

​A square jaw
is tenable
if you’re throwing punches.

(W 7-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #4

​The rest of winter
is apparently
in Shaw’s shoulder.

(L 7-3 Vs White Sox)
Game #5

tend to
animal things,
what about
                                                                         our hitters?

                                                                                                (L 5-1 Vs Tampa Bay Rays) 
Game #6

​A rhapsody
of Cookie,
so sweet,
any crumbles.

(W 4-1 Vs Tampa Bay Rays)
Game #7

​Chests into barrels,
that beating took
Tampa Bay’s oxygen.
(W 6-0)
Game #8

​It’s possible,
at least,
to seethe
& know why.

(L 6-5 Vs New York Mets)
Game #9

& withering,
we scarred
the Knight
with patience.

(W 7-5 Vs New York Mets)
Game #10

​Almost always enough,
we play knowing
hesitancy is cover.

(L 6-0 Vs New York Mets)
Game #11

​The touching air
holds the victor
with great certainty.

(W 3-2 Vs Seattle Mariners)
Game #12

​Tentative at-bats,
tentative innings
tentative games,
a tentative season?

(L 2-1 Vs Seattle Mariners)
Game #13

​Good beast, lost
in shallow water,
please stand up.

(L 10-7 Vs Seattle Mariners)
Game #14

​Some dances
have only two moves.
They’re the best.

(W 2-1 Vs Detroit Tigers)
Game #15

​Throb to bomb,
alive in explosion;
Ballad of Yan.
Game #16

​A hamstring popping
is the opposite
of victory’s champagne.

(W 6-3 Vs Detroit Tigers)
Game #17

​The choir
became a whisper chorus
mumbling, kicking lyrics.

(L 4-2 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #18

​Again, we take
the photograph
using the Twins’ camera.

(L 6-5 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #19

​Still a shapeless
effort, we won
with quick fits.

(W 6-5 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #20

​Games held

I am all groan
& shouting.

(L 4-3 Philadelphia Phillies)
Game #21

​You hope
for stars,
but the night,
the night.

(L 4-3 Vs Phillies)
Game #22

​I owe my sadness
to the stark,
thin margins.

(L 2-1 Vs Phillies)
Game #23

& yet, muscled up
enough to shadow

(W 7-3 Vs Tigers)
Game #24

​Pitching is the most
central thing. 
Kluber is core.

(W 4-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #25

loops the season,
but we’ve scarred
the Tigers.

(W 9-4 Vs Tigers)
Game #26

​Some seeds
can eat the trees
with their celebration.

(W 7-1 Vs Royals)
Game #27

​We didn’t hear
the call.  Straining,
we fell down.

(L 7-0 Vs Royals)
Game #28

of the hinge,
is our boom

(W 5-4 Vs Royals)
Game #29

​Wrestled away,
this battle
was a swift
beat down.

(L 7-1 Vs Astros)
Game #30

​How rare
for the mercurial
talent to focus, burn.

(W 4-0 Vs Astros)
Game #31

​The win called
& called, we
left it ringing.
(L 5-3 Vs Astros)
Game #32

​We’ve been destroying
whole greenhouses
to lift one bloom.

(W 7-6 Vs Twins)
Game #33

​The nearest star
looks like a sun
& Kluber?

(L 6-3 Vs Twins)
Game #34

​Back of hands
to their foreheads,
holding no bats.

(L 5-1 Vs Twins)
Game #35

​Sometimes cousins
set themselves on fire
instead of pitching.
(W 15-6 Vs Reds)
Game #36

​Watch the fireworks
& look away
from the coliseum.

(W 13-1 Vs Reds)
Game #37

​In the smoke shed,
I assume we
defeated firewood.
(W 8-7 Vs Reds)
Game #38

​Smug in Ohio,
that’s not sweat,
that’s us shining.

(W 7-2 Vs Reds)
Game #39

On the road,
darkness is sudden.
Kipnis was lit.

(W 4-2 Vs Red Sox)
Game #40

Some beatings
are taken
without a single
nerve firing.

(L 9-1 Vs Red Sox)
Game #41

​Gravity drowns
men if they’re unaware
of the compression.

(L 5-2 Vs Red Sox)
Game #42

​All hair
& ribbons of tattoo,
a late blood.
(L 7-6 Vs White Sox)
Game #43

Wide hands, control
from the handshake
to the high-fives.

(W 5-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #44

​I’ve seen
Tomlin Creek
widen to river. 
More. More!

(W 6-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #45

​Some symbols mean courage.
Some symbols
mean ownership changed.

(W 4-3 Vs White Sox)
Game #46

​Backwards, recklessly firing
fastballs, McAllister slumped
against his strength.

(L 6-4 Vs Orioles)
Game #47

​Assume the light
in the trees
is warmth expanding.

(W 11-4 Vs Orioles)
Game #48

​Almost a homer,
almost a win,
almost an almost.

(L 6-4 Vs Orioles)
Game #49

​Some beats
are so complete
they become
a buzzing.

(L 9-2 Vs Rangers)
Game #50

​Irreducibly individual,
a great pitcher without
rising blood, loses.
(L 7-3 Vs Rangers)
Game #51

​Ornery lungs, bruised,
yet willing to expand,
shouting, shouting!
(W 5-4 Vs Rangers)
Game #52

​When the mythology
first emerges,
the language
is adrenaline.

(W 5-4 Vs Royals)
Game #53

​The correspondence
between conductor
& orchestra can be music.

(W 6-1 Vs Royals)
Game #54

​It’s a dusty field,
but Lindor
is always oasis.
(W 7-1 Vs Royals)
Game #55

The assemblage
burns through stone
when the heat focuses.
(W 7-0 Vs Royals)
Game #56

Time works
the man, poses him
as it desires.

(W 3-1 Vs Mariners)
Game #57

​How could we
admire a statue
made of matchsticks?

(L 7-1 Vs Mariners)
Game #58

​Bleak action,
one act
of play
is bad show.

(W 5-0 Vs Mariners)
Game #59

​A flower on fire
can be
the whole garden.
(W 5-3 Vs Mariners)
Game #60

Without fear,
without anger,
the constant
wins wars.

(W 6-2 Vs Angels)
Game #61

​Carved unwillingly,
Shaw lost figure
& face.  Look away.

(L 4-3 Vs Angels)
Game #62

​Some wins thin the body,
string the strength taut.

(W 8-3 Vs Angels)
Game #63

& fading,
a champion’s
color holds
all night.

(L 2-1 Vs Royals)
Game #64

​We do not have enough
fingers for Shaw’s dam.

(L 3-2 Vs Royals)
Game #65

​Following the lion’s scent
brings you to the lion.

(L 9-4 Vs Royals)
Game #66

into night, the ball
never saw
the fireworks.

(W 3-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #67

​Chests barely moving,
the celebrating took
all the effort.
(W 13-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #68

​Free & strong,
Ramirez is a dervish,
an ecstatic.
(W 3-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #69

​Honey in the incense,
all of Cleveland
smells sweet.

(W 7-4 Vs Rays)
Game #70

​Some lawmen
stop crime
by never blinking
at criminals.

(W 6-0 Vs Rays)
Game #71

​A parade
inside a stadium
still signifies
peak, winning.

(W 6-1 Vs Rays)
Game #72

& raining
Kipnis carved
to crumble

(W 7-5 Vs Tigers)
Game #73

​The best sport
removes the water
from the clocks.

(W 6-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #74

​The blossom explodes
into more blossoms
that explode infinitely.

(W 9-3 vs Tigers)
Game #75

​Moreness is a sun
at night
the demonstration.

(W 8-3 Vs Braves)
Game #76

​There is no past
& the future
is present.

(W 5-3 Vs Braves)
Game #77

​Some stars
work past the satellites
to threaten Atlanta.

(W 3-0 Vs Braves)
Game #78

bound to joy,
Carrasco bowed,
pitched to dance.

(W 4-1)
Game #79

​The horses, the men,
rumors of players
win again.

(W 2-1 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #80

​New taste, old taste,
blue stranger
to this tongue.

(L 9-6 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #81

​We know sea.
Let’s bury this
among the salt.
Game #82

​An unbroken thread
isn’t impressive until
it constricts, dominates.

(W 5-3 Vs Tigers)
Game #83

​Un-cup your hands,
widen your stance,
cheer, cheer, cheer!

(W 12-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #84 

​Kicked in the face
& still smiling?
Fair enough.

(L 12-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #85

​Sometimes we get caught
with our arms raised.

(L 5-4 Vs Yankees)
Game #86

Thunder released
back into the sky
delights the drummer.
(W 10-2 Vs Yankees)
Game #87

​Colliding body
with the true body
displays all scars.

(L 7-6 Vs Yankees)
Game #88

​Limping is limping.
Rest doesn’t create
a long-distance runner.

(L 11-7 Vs Yankees)
Game #89

​Suddenly, the second
half of the story
has horses.

(W 5-2 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #90

​Juggling wind
never allows hands
to hold a win.

(L 5-4 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #91

​Good clatter
& starting pitching,
that is a show.

(W 6-1 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #92

​We all remember
when a weak link
gets busted.
(L 7-3 Vs Kansas City Royals)
Game #93

​That heat,
his heat
& the party
that follows.

(W 7-3 Vs Kansas City Royals)
Game #94

​Taking your rival’s
song, making it
silent, a victory.

(W 11-4 Vs Kansas City Royals)
Game #95

​The branches aren’t
the tree unless
they are falling.

(L 5-1 Vs Orioles)
Game #96

​Choosing to finger
the brutal chords
makes terrible music.

(L 5-2 Vs Orioles)
Game #97

​Thanking the thirst
makes us think
only of thirst.

(L 5-3 Vs Orioles)
Game #98

of the plan,
we stormed
the field

(W 7-6 Vs Nationals)
Game #99

​One of those
do we have
to play today?

(L 4-1 Vs Nationals)
Game #100

​Out-boxing a citizen
doesn’t bring any
real champion’s belts.

(W 5-3 Vs A's)
Game #101

​Let’s fight again
while your trainer
sells your water.

(W 6-3 Vs A's)
Game #102

​You don’t need
to float if
you fight butterflies.

(W 8-0 Vs A's)
Game #103

​Put your hands in
a pile, tie them

(L 12-5 Vs Twins)
Game #104

​Wrapping up in curtains
is different
than playing baseball.

(L 10-6 Vs Twins)
Game #105

​It’s raw, to watch
a great chest
refuse breath.
(L 13-5 Vs Twins)
Game #106

​The odds of victory
swung towards us.
What celebration?

(W 9-2 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #107

It’s difficult watching
orchestra conductors
embrace Casio
wavetable sounds.

(L 13-7 Vs Yankees)
Game #108

​A jutted jaw
that never grinds
teeth, a victor!
(W 5-2 Vs Yankees)
Game #109

The come
is pretty
The end.

(L 3-2 Vs Yankees)
Game #110

​Actual greatness
is rare;
is ecstatic display.

(W 3-1 vs Nationals)
Game #111

​The fat summer
air is resting
on our chests.

(L 7-4 Vs Nationals)

Game #112

​Some men
are barrels.
Some men,
throw barrels.

(W 14-4 Vs Angels)
Game #113

​Thieves in a city
are celebrated,
given victory, fireworks.

(W 13-3 Vs Angels)
Game #114

​Young man,
your long hair
is a bloom? Yes.

(W 5-1 Vs Angels)
Game #115

​This summer,
each day
a crop,
we are crop!

(W 5-4 Vs Angels)
Game #116

All that music,
all that action
& minimal dancing.

(L 3-2 Vs Red Sox)
Game #117

​Thin rocks, shale
can be bridge
over steady water.

(W 3-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #118

​Delivered to fire
for celebration
can tempt
the explosion.

(L 10-7 Vs White Sox)
Game #119

​Best left
arm, deliver
us from
the slight

(W 5-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #120

​Chests expanded
for hours after,
we rose,
we hovered.

(W 3-2 Vs Blue Jayes)
Game #121

​Pitching like
the other twenty,
lost, like they would.

(L 6-5 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #122

​It’s not always a song,
but he’s a noisemaker.
(W 3-2 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #123

​Before light,
there’s the rustling
of light; then

(W 1-0 Vs A's)
Game #124

A concert
becomes a circus
when the conductor
(L 9-1 Vs A's)
Game #125

​Punished without
knowing why
our hitters sulked,
slumped, sunk.

(L 5-1 Vs A's)
Game #126

​All those fireworks
the Rangers exploded
blinded our lineup?

(L 9-0 Vs Rangers)
Game #127

​One force pushing
is enough, occasionally,
to win battles.

(W 12-1 Vs Rangers)
Game #128

​Are we framed
so delicately
our art
becomes shoeprints?

(L 7-0 Vs Rangers)
Game #129

​The vein knows
it should be vibrant,
right?  Right.

(L 2-1 Vs Rangers)
Game #130

​Some sounds separate
night, generate enough
fireworks for dawn.

(W 1-0 Vs Twins)
Game #131

​Sometimes the curvature
of the moon
whispers, “Rajai.  Rajai”.

(W 5-4 Vs Twins)
Game #132

If beams
of light burn
they become

(W 8-4 Vs Twins)
Game #133

​Touch of givers,
touch of takers;
was ruthless.

(W 6-2 Vs Marlins)
Game #134

​Torch, knife,
right arm
& a victory.

(W 8-3 Vs Marlins)
Game #135

can crack
the great beast
wide, wide open.

(W 6-5 Vs Marlins)
Game #136

​Baseball is hard
enough that juggling
makes it impossible.

(L 6-2 Vs Astros)
Game #137

​A buffet kept
an unlocked door
& hunger?

(L 4-3 Vs Astros)
Game #138

​Those dark bugs
work for us.
Swarms for victory!

(W 6-5 Vs Astros)
Game #139

​Some foul balls
aren’t foul balls.
All victories count.

(W 10-7 Vs Houston Astros)

Game #140 

​Muscle is more
than a cardboard pill.
Muscle shows.

(W 5-4 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #141

& a surface spent,
a loss, a loss.

(L 2-1 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #142

& seek works best
with two
Cy Youngs.

(W 7-1 Vs Minnesota Twins)
Game #143

​Some beatings
are best to take
without fighting back.

(L 11-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #144

​The porch swing
of the offseason?
What terrible squeaking.

(L 8-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #145

​The juxtaposition
of the good blood
rising gives hope.

(W 6-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #146

​I turned away
for two minutes
& dancing black?

(L 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #147

​The bear becomes
the bear by
consuming landscape.

(W 11-4 Vs Tigers)
Game #148

​The missing
doesn’t create more hunger.
The hunger dominates.

(W 1-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #149

​What’s won is home,
what’s lost
is home, wandering.

(L 9-5 Vs Tigers)
Game #150 

​Slung to shimmy
& sneak through,
a champion’s dance.

(W 2-1 Vs Royals)
Game #151

​A thimble can
hold the ocean
if it’s steady.

(W 4-3 Vs Royals)
Game #152

​The way
some shoulders
can roll
fires worked.

(W 5-2 Vs Royals)
Game #153

​I’ve lost my helmet
for Ramirez.
My hair celebrates.

(W 10-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #154

​Splayed out
after an almost dance,
we’re blue reaching.

(L 8-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #155

​A party cancelled
is a party
with brown liquor.

(L 3-0 Vs White Sox)
Game #156

​It’s the last scar
that could be
the story.

(W 7-4 Vs Tigers)
Game #157

​After the dream
is held, that field
is harsh.

(L 12-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #158

​If you give greatness
elbow room,
you’re knocked unconscious.
(L 6-3 Vs Tigers)
Game #159

​Belongings on the border
of history,
we found vitality.

(W 7-2 Vs Royals)
Game #160 

​Suddenly the tongues
wag in unison,
almost in song.

(W 6-3 Vs Kansas City Royals)
Game #161

​There are worlds
of sand
without ocean. 
Look!  Surf.

(W 3-2 Vs Kansas City Royals)
Game #162

A song sung
& heard
& just enough

(W 5-4 Vs Red Sox)
Game #163

​The chest expands.
The mouth
never moves.
He continues.
(W 6-0 Vs Red Sox)
Game #164

​Even red dirt
can bloom on
a victor’s shoulders.

(W 4-3 Vs Red Sox)
Game #165

​The event
is the evidence
of this
bright handle.

(W 2-0 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #166

​You can’t portrait
a man becoming
a lightning storm.

(W 2-1 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #167

​I saw blood
from the bird
begin to pool.

(W 4-2 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #168

​Just enough sweat
to have sweeping
resemble misplaced frenzy.

(L 5-1 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #169

​Fist clenched,
the epic swells
for the final battle.
(W 3-0 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #170

​It’s wild,
the dance
of eardrums
fate’s chest.

(W 6-0 Vs Cubs)
Game #171

​Hungry for thickness
we played with
empty sandwich bags.

(L 5-1 Vs Cubs)
Game #172

​Crushing rocks
with fingertips,
the art is
surviving greatness.

(W 1-0 Vs Cubs)
Game #173

​Somebody snuck neon
& witnesses
into the field party.

(W 7-2 Vs Cubs)
Game #174

​There is one source.
It can’t deliver itself.

(L 3-2 Vs Cubs)
Game #175

​A game, a hiss,
a shadow
that cannot follow.

(L 9-3 Vs Cubs)
Game #176

​​Fingers on the brass
I dog-ear
this electricity.

(L 8-7 Vs Cubs)