9 Words (2017)

9-word poems about every Cleveland baseball game

Darren C. Demaree

Game #1

​A valley opens
& the simple joy
becomes blossom.

(W 8-5 Vs Rangers)
Game #2

​Splitting the night
into firework flashes
is enough show.

(W 4-3 Vs Rangers)
Game #3

​That ball became
a seed fermenting
in Lindor’s will.

(W 9-6 Vs Rangers)
Game #4

Sometimes slow
& steady gets you
eaten by snakes.

(L 7-3 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #5

​Every beating
looks like a dance
until the blood.

(L 11-2 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #6

​This was perfect,
the silencing
of our ego’s hum.

(L 3-2 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #7

​Otherwise this man
would be a bird
taking flight.
(W 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #8

A breath held
like a crown
is fucking useless.

(L 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #9

​There’s a body
of water,
empty, waiting
for tide-creators.
(L 10-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #10

​Some roads are steam, paths
that could never cradle.
(L 7-6 Vs Tigers)
Game #11

​Busy counting losses,
a dance broke out,
music played.
(W 13-6 Vs Tigers)
Game #12

​I worry
about limp bodies
so near a lake.

(L 4-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #13

​Somehow the antelope
catches fire.  The field
burns, celebrating.

(W 3-1 Vs Twins)
Game #14

​The fire is blossom
if you dance around it.

(W 11-4 Vs Twins)
Game #15

​Nibbling the dark
hum was fine.
This is day.

(W 6-2 Vs Twins)
Game #16

​It’s deep,
Kluber uses. 
It’s water,

(W 3-0 Vs White Sox)
Game #17

​The sun didn’t go down.
Carlos used it up.

(W 7-0 Vs White Sox)
Game #18

​The fish flaps
always.  The water
decides the scene.
(L 6-2 vs White Sox)
Game #19

​Held captive in a theater
without a show,

(L 4-2 Vs Astros)
Game #20

​Shiny swing,
I love it,
when you
Superman us.

(W 7-6 Vs Astros)
Game #21

​I love masks
you can make
with found popcorn.

(W 4-3 Vs Astros)
Game #22

​Cutting the light
forces the tide
to dance poorly.

(L 3-1 Vs Mariners)
Game #23

​Red pepper, perfume
of the good blood,
rise, cook!

(W 4-3 Vs Mariners)
Game #24

​Sweating, yelling,
that was more school
dance than game.
(W 12-4 Vs Mariners)
Game #25

​A skin-bag spinning
to watch homeruns
has no potential.

(L 7-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #26

​Are we planted
like a garden
is real sport?

(L 5-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #27

​Late-inning emperor,
spin that heaven
like you’ve been tapped.
(W 3-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #28 

​How useless,
to have a battlefield
for one army.
(L 3-1 Vs Royals)
Game #29

​It takes awhile
for the belt
to stiffen, swing.

(W 3-1 Vs Royals)
Game #30

​It was rioting
of whispers. I heard
one word.
(W 1-0 Vs Royals)
Game #31

​Peach seeds can knock
you out. Stop wasting

(L 4-2 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #32

​Unlike flowers, the bloom
of a good pitcher vibrates.
(W 6-0 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #33

​Strength can be limited
if you believe such things.

(L 8-7 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #34

​A whisper in a cathedral
pleases no actual gods.

(L 1-0 Vs Twins)
Game #35

​They let a green be red,
untouched, bold enough.

(L 4-1 Vs Twins)
Game #36

​A tougher flower
will always bloom
while you watch.

(W 8-2 Vs Twins)
Game #37

​The smile disappears
when the win
clutches our chests.

(W 8-7 Vs Rays)
Game #38

​Adrenaline is wind
if the vision blurs

(L 6-4 Vs Rays)
Game #39

skin again,
our hope
is loss
& flight?

(L 7-4 Vs Rays)
Game #40

the season
always slants
the vantage.
More blurring!

(W 5-3 Vs Astros)
Game #41

​Dear unison,
youth/talent, be brutal
to our opponents.

(W 3-0 Vs Astros)
Game #42

​Not a thing;
a red wire
fully goddamn lit
(W 8-6 Vs Astros)
Game #43

​More fingertips
than forearms,
hips twisting
in a dance?

(L 5-1 Vs Reds)
Game #44

​Summer is mess.
We survive
because of the wildness.
(W 8-7 Vs Reds)
Game #45

​Bedecked in the fading
storm, puddles,
all puddles now.

(L 4-3 Vs Reds)