9 Words (2017)

9-word poems about every Cleveland baseball game

Darren C. Demaree

Game #1

​A valley opens
& the simple joy
becomes blossom.

(W 8-5 Vs Rangers)
Game #2

​Splitting the night
into firework flashes
is enough show.

(W 4-3 Vs Rangers)
Game #3

​That ball became
a seed fermenting
in Lindor’s will.

(W 9-6 Vs Rangers)
Game #4

Sometimes slow
& steady gets you
eaten by snakes.

(L 7-3 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #5

​Every beating
looks like a dance
until the blood.

(L 11-2 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #6

​This was perfect,
the silencing
of our ego’s hum.

(L 3-2 Vs Diamondbacks)
Game #7

​Otherwise this man
would be a bird
taking flight.
(W 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #8

A breath held
like a crown
is fucking useless.

(L 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #9

​There’s a body
of water,
empty, waiting
for tide-creators.
(L 10-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #10

​Some roads are steam, paths
that could never cradle.
(L 7-6 Vs Tigers)
Game #11

​Busy counting losses,
a dance broke out,
music played.
(W 13-6 Vs Tigers)
Game #12

​I worry
about limp bodies
so near a lake.

(L 4-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #13

​Somehow the antelope
catches fire.  The field
burns, celebrating.

(W 3-1 Vs Twins)
Game #14

​The fire is blossom
if you dance around it.

(W 11-4 Vs Twins)
Game #15

​Nibbling the dark
hum was fine.
This is day.

(W 6-2 Vs Twins)
Game #16

​It’s deep,
Kluber uses. 
It’s water,

(W 3-0 Vs White Sox)
Game #17

​The sun didn’t go down.
Carlos used it up.

(W 7-0 Vs White Sox)
Game #18

​The fish flaps
always.  The water
decides the scene.
(L 6-2 vs White Sox)
Game #19

​Held captive in a theater
without a show,

(L 4-2 Vs Astros)
Game #20

​Shiny swing,
I love it,
when you
Superman us.

(W 7-6 Vs Astros)
Game #21

​I love masks
you can make
with found popcorn.

(W 4-3 Vs Astros)
Game #22

​Cutting the light
forces the tide
to dance poorly.

(L 3-1 Vs Mariners)
Game #23

​Red pepper, perfume
of the good blood,
rise, cook!

(W 4-3 Vs Mariners)
Game #24

​Sweating, yelling,
that was more school
dance than game.
(W 12-4 Vs Mariners)
Game #25

​A skin-bag spinning
to watch homeruns
has no potential.

(L 7-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #26

​Are we planted
like a garden
is real sport?

(L 5-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #27

​Late-inning emperor,
spin that heaven
like you’ve been tapped.
(W 3-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #28 

​How useless,
to have a battlefield
for one army.
(L 3-1 Vs Royals)
Game #29

​It takes awhile
for the belt
to stiffen, swing.

(W 3-1 Vs Royals)
Game #30

​It was rioting
of whispers. I heard
one word.
(W 1-0 Vs Royals)
Game #31

​Peach seeds can knock
you out. Stop wasting

(L 4-2 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #32

​Unlike flowers, the bloom
of a good pitcher vibrates.
(W 6-0 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #33

​Strength can be limited
if you believe such things.

(L 8-7 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #34

​A whisper in a cathedral
pleases no actual gods.

(L 1-0 Vs Twins)
Game #35

​They let a green be red,
untouched, bold enough.

(L 4-1 Vs Twins)
Game #36

​A tougher flower
will always bloom
while you watch.

(W 8-2 Vs Twins)
Game #37

​The smile disappears
when the win
clutches our chests.

(W 8-7 Vs Rays)
Game #38

​Adrenaline is wind
if the vision blurs

(L 6-4 Vs Rays)
Game #39

skin again,
our hope
is loss
& flight?

(L 7-4 Vs Rays)
Game #40

the season
always slants
the vantage.
More blurring!

(W 5-3 Vs Astros)
Game #41

​Dear unison,
youth/talent, be brutal
to our opponents.

(W 3-0 Vs Astros)
Game #42

​Not a thing;
a red wire
fully goddamn lit
(W 8-6 Vs Astros)
Game #43

​More fingertips
than forearms,
hips twisting
in a dance?

(L 5-1 Vs Reds)
Game #44

​Summer is mess.
We survive
because of the wildness.
(W 8-7 Vs Reds)
Game #45

​Bedecked in the fading
storm, puddles,
all puddles now.

(L 4-3 Vs Reds)
Game #46

​You can’t plant
the cracked shells
of swallowed seeds.

(L 6-4 Vs Royals)
Game #47

​In person, Danny
can sizzle, can dance,
can’t deliver.

(L 5-2 Vs Royals)
Game #48

​Diamonds steer no light.
Kipnis made it a festival.

(W 10-1 Vs Royals)
Game #49

​The meadow sweetens;
now to run
until actual flight.

(W 5-3 Vs Athletics)
Game #50

​Gems can be
a threat
if you throw them.

(W 9-4 Vs Athletics)
Game #51

​They managed only
to attach feathers
to their forest.
(L 3-1 Vs Athletics)
Game #52

​Weightless play,
the fuller slant
takes the wind freely.

(W 8-0 Vs Athletics)
Game #53

​A dance without
finding your toes
is just flailing.

(L 4-0 Vs Royals)
Game #54

​They’re not actually royalty.
Why are we crowning them?
(L 12-5 Vs Royals)
Game #55

​It’s good seeing them
take deep breaths
& scream.

(W 8-0 Vs Royals)
Game #56

​It’s a blood song
if they dance
through us.

(L 11-3 Vs Rockies)
Game #57

​I’d prefer a bird
that crashed
through the window.

(L 8-1 Vs Rockies)
Game #58

​In the stir
an ice-cube rises
to bob confidently.
(W 7-3 Vs White Sox)
Game #59

​A thump can rhythm;
this is a damn thud.

(L 5-3 White Sox)
Game #60

​Enough can be
enough in a season
long enough.
(W 4-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #61 

​This muddy light
isn’t weather.
It’s what we are.

(L 7-5 Vs Dodgers)
Game #62

​That was our best
pitching.  This
is us hopping.

(L 6-4 Vs Dodgers)
Game #63

​The moth
is a hawk
in the sun’s flare.

(W 12-5 Vs Dodgers)
Game #64

​Rubbed in flood
water, Minnesota
was taken by force.

(W 8-1 Vs Twins)
Game #65

​Like all new folk heroes,
Ramirez rose
without flutter.

(W 9-3 Vs Twins)
Game #66

​Battle of the stalkbean
barreling through;
so deep, victorious.

(W 6-2 Vs Twins)
Game #67

​An ice statue
drowned both
cities quickly.

(W 5-2 Vs Twins)
Game #68

​This sort
of beating
scoops the song
out. Bird?

(W 12-0 Vs Orioles)
Game #69

​Empty maw, terrible
without victory,
a sad, gaping mouth.
(L 6-5 Vs Orioles)
Game #70

​& again
we are wolves
in runs, meals

(W 5-1 Vs Orioles)
Game #71

​It’s only a puzzle
if you separate
the pieces.
(W 6-3 Vs Orioles)
Game #72

​A crowd
doesn’t make a party.
Such dull drinking.
(L 5-0 Vs Twins)
Game #73

​To be deconstructed
by the rebuilding
is true defeat.

(L 4-2 Vs Twins)
Game #74

​Sport without adrenaline
is a book
without any words.

(L 4-0 Vs Twins)
Game #75

​Some tethers
become slingshots
& blind
the original tide.

(W 15-9 Vs Rangers)
Game #76

​This song stayed
on the roof
of our mouths.

(L 2-1 Vs Rangers)
Game #77

​Traditionally ripe,
small wins
are a faceful of light.

(W 5-3 Vs Rangers)
Game #78

​Kluber could pitch
dripless with an already
peeled orange.
(W 5-1 Vs Rangers)
Game #79

​You can’t shake a bird
& expect music.
(L 7-4 Vs Tigers)
Game #80

​Read the victory.
Take it to bed.
Highlight pitching.

(W 4-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #81

​Ramirez is a canary
challenging lightning.
He’s mounted it.
(W 11-8 Vs Tigers)
Game #82

​Stars dissolve. 
Frost holds on. 
It’s summer. 
It’s summer!
(L 1-0 Vs Padres)
Game #83

​The wires are tangled.
Are they connected
to anything?

(L 6-2 Vs Padres)
Game #84

​Fists on the tether,
this game
felt like saving.

(W 11-2 Vs Padres)
Game #85

​I count good dirt
catapulted in air
as fireworks.

(W 11-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #86

​Toss the sea
glass.  Toss again.
Watch victory refract.

(W 4-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #87

​Bats become cage
left upright, tight
as useless lumber.

(L 5-3 Vs Tigers)
Game #88

​Elbows clean,
it’s bad dancing
if you don’t hit.

(L 5-0 Vs Athletics)
Game #89

​Warm ground, easy
to open, accepted
our opponent’s bloom.

(L 5-3 Vs Athletics)
Game #90

​A sky without
is just wet,
cold space.

(L 7-3 Vs Athletics)
Game #91

​A little gin
helps at night.
Now, it’s morning.
(W 5-3 Vs Giants)
Game #92

​The sea goes white
with action
& we’re beached.
(L 2-1 Vs Giants)
Game #93

​Crazed near the narrow,
we became chunks,
we clogged.

(L 5-4 Vs Giants)
Game #94

​Enemy of hunger,
the clarity comes
when Edwin eats.
(W 13-3 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #95

​Corn is fine
for summer.
Real gold
is better.

(W 2-1 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #96

​Outside the sky
is more sky.
Let’s never land.

(W 8-1 Vs Blue Jays)
Game #97

​This dimple exists
because our smile
has gone exploring.

(W 6-2 Vs Reds)
Game #98

​This smoke, lilac
& delicious refuses
to dissipate now. 

(W 11-7 Vs Angels)
Game #99

​A flicker, a strobe,
we’ve become
the flood light. 
(W 10-4 Vs Angels)
Game #100

​This painter
finally quit
trying to color
the raindrops. 

(W 2-1 Vs Angels)
Game #101

​More wolf
than wolf
this warm red
is delicious.

(W 9-3 Vs White Sox)
Game #102

​Each was hit,
not to ripple,
but to tide.

(W 5-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #103

​Being beaten by pale cloth
is so terribly boring.

(L 3-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #104

​A straight right
to the head
is no flirtation.
(L 6-2 Vs Red Sox)
Game #105

​Don’t stare at the knife.
Tend to the wound.

(L 12-10 Vs Red Sox)
Game #106

​Two hours alone
& his quiet
devastates the city. 

(W 5-1 Vs Yankees)
Game #107

​The light reached
a vanishing point
& returned? Hallelujah. 

(W 7-2 Vs Yankees)
Game #108

​Nobody needs
a white apron.
We need to eat.

(L 2-1 Vs Yankees)
Game #109

​Something rotten
doesn’t disappear
just because
the night comes.

(L 8-1 Vs Yankees)
Game #110

​The Ballad of Yan
is one drum
beaten loudly.

(W 4-1 Vs Rockies)
Game #111

​Taut silk is lovely,
but too delicate
with baseballs.

(L 3-2 Vs Rockies)
Game #112

​We’re alive.
We can’t dance,
but we hear music.

(L 4-1 Vs Rays)
Game #113

​How quickly the gravel
road can deliver
you home.

(W 5-0 Vs Rays)
Game #114

​Warm, full,
we played
the hindrance
of either.

(W 3-0 Vs Rays)
Game #115

​The math is good,
but this team
isn’t primed.

(W 4-3 Vs Rays)
Game #116

​A flower fools anyone.
A garden is no joke.
(W 7-3 Vs Red Sox)
Game #117

​The knife cuts
paper when
there is no meat.

(W 8-1 Vs Twins)
Game #118

​The clay hesitates.
The artist moves
like clay escapes.

(W 9-3 Vs Twins)
Game #119

​I imagine the steam
as a cloud,
how disappointing. 

(L 4-2 Vs Twins)
Game #120

​All honey, this dance
floor is so terribly

(W 10-1 Vs Royals)
Game #121

​I’ve put blue ink
on my hands.
High five?

(W 5-0 Vs Royals)
Game #122

​Nor real blood
refusing to rise
ends the scene.

(L 7-4 Vs Royals)
Game #123

​It only takes one circus
to let lions loose.
(W 5-4 Vs Red Sox)
Game #124

​This is proof enough
that skin spots
in summer.

(L 9-1 Vs Red Sox)
Game #125

​It’s a stone
until you swallow it
& then?

(L 6-1 Vs Red Sox)
Game #126

​If you get the singer
that’s a show.

(W 13-6 Vs Red Sox)
Game #127

​Throwing rocks
in a pool is fun,
simple fun.

(W 4-0 Vs Royals)
Game #128

​The coast slides
to Ohio. 
We’re vacationing
amidst champions.

(W 4-0 Vs Royals)
Game #129

​It’s our basement
fort by now.
Nobody invited Royals.

(W 12-0 Vs Royals)
Game #130

​Leave the fire.  Let
it spread. Dance. 
Dance.  Dance.

(W 6-2 Vs Yankees)
Game #131

​The fire starts
to insist
on much
more fire.

(W 2-1 Vs Yankees)
Game #132

​Tracing the sun
to your feet
is real ego.

(W 9-4 Vs Yankees)
Game #133

​Joy is never
Joy wins
every single

(W 3-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #134

​When the sport
become a meal
wolves can nap.
(W 10-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #135

​Half-known is most
of the sport.
Kluber is acknowledged.

(W 5-2 Vs Tigers)
Game #136

​Call him fireworks,
always lit, always
exploding, never silent.

(W 11-1 Vs Tigers)
Game #137

​Throw a peach
& eventually
it becomes seed.

(W 5-3 Vs White Sox)
Game #138

​The rabbit is never
the shadow.
It owns shadows.

(W 9-4 Vs White Sox)
Game #139

​I love art
that is just
pressure on

(W 5-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #140

​It’s not a kite
if it flies
without strings.

(W 11-2 Vs White Sox)
Game #141

​A wild pulse
settled into the wild
is fantastic.

(W 5-0 Vs Orioles)
Game #142

​The dust swirls up
only when
heavy feet dance.

(W 4-2 vs Orioles)
Game #143

& one, a team
poking holes
in history.

(W 3-2 Vs Orioles)
Game #144

​Becoming the giant
always get attention.
Now, to stomp.

(W 11-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #145

​He’s Mozart,
except I’m not sure
he likes music.

(W 2-0 Vs Tigers)
Game #146

​Sloppy wins
look clean once
they become
a record.

(W 5-3 Vs Tigers)
Game #147

​A body, a vein,
a torch
lifted to echo.

(W 3-2 Vs Royals)
Game #148

​We don’t build
rooms for losses.
They happen, right?

(L 4-3 Vs Royals)
Game #149

​The smile is real,
it hides
such epic force.
(W 8-4 Vs Royals)
Game #150

​A season is a mouth
left wide open.

(W 3-2 Vs Royals)
Game #151

​Some pupils relax
with a victory,
ours have narrowed.

(W 6-3 Vs Angels)
Game #152

​Victory presses shoulders
against more victory.
We look natural.

(W 6-5 Vs Angels)
Game #153

​I love each number
that is erased
by Lindor.

(W 4-1 Vs Angels)
Game #154

​That sound of bees
eventually produces
actual stingers.  Ouch.
(L 3-1 Vs Mariners)
Game #155

​The coin
surfs the knuckles
with such slight effort.
(W 11-4 vs Mariners)
Game #156

​You never worry about castles
if you have one.

(W 4-2 Vs Mariners)
Game #157

​In a screaming match
you cannot whisper
Bryan Shaw.

(L 8-6 Vs Twins)
Game #158

​Another day
of summer,
a week after
summer ended.

(W 4-2 Vs Twins)
Game #159

​We never hauled
a hundred backwards.
We presented it.

(W 5-2 Vs Twins)
Game #160

​One feast means
you know how
to feast now.

(W 10-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #161

​To slow down
before the race
really begins? Fine.

(L 2-1 Vs White Sox)
Game #162

​This much winning
gets you t-shirts.
We want rings.

(W 3-1 Vs White Sox)