Aaron George

Hometown: Akron, Ohio.

Farthest place from Ohio I have ever been? Florida would have to be the farthest.

Favorite band when I was 10: The soundtrack to the movie Aladin, and Bon Jovi.
15: Pink Floyd.
20: Streetlight Manifesto.
25: Neutral Milk Hotel.

Favorite record store: I'll go with the home team and say Square Records.

Picnic or Bowling Alley: Picnic, for sure.

Favorite adult beverage: I love beers with flavor, Great Lakes Christmas ale, or Big Evil (the house brew of Annabelles) are both great things.

Favorite un-adult beverage: If it doesn't have alcohol in it I prefer water or iced tea, unsweetened.

Any enemies? My biggest enemy's named Aaron, but when all is said and done we get along pretty well.

One weakness I have: Hedonism...and Dr. Pepper

An anecdote I have about me in 50 words or less: My second time reading The Great Gatsby I realized that the first page of the book is flawless. I decided to try to write something like that, but that's not possible. Now I go to school and write about what I love, life's been good to me so far.