AltOhio, LLC

As most things of passion, this all began with a song, with a love of music that pervaded us, showed us new things as we grew older, showed us the binge and beauty of life.

The right music can show you the way to live the rest of your life. With that taken to heart, we would like to present you with one publication that combines all of the things the music we love has shown us. We like to refer to it as an online magazine, because we’re something different; something you have never heard of.

Great books, great art, good booze and good places to get it.

A great meal, a beautiful tattoo and the cheapest/coolest threads in town.

We’re eco-friendly, booze-friendly, music obsessed, Ohioans.

With all of that being said, we expect to take this community we are a part of, and do everything we can to improve it and make it a better place to live. Not only are we going to be promoting those in Ohio fighting to make it a better state for all of us, we’ll be joining them on the frontline as often as we can. Also, 10 percent of every dollar of profit AltOhio brings in will be donated in 2 percent increments to the five charities we have chosen.

We love music. We love the scene. We love Ohio.

Thanks for joining us,
Darren, Chad, and Lisa

Senior Editors

Ideas? Rants? Suggestions? Let us know!

(Managing Editor)
Chad W. Lutz
(Music Editor)
Lisa Sanchez
(Spiritual Guru and Owner)
Darren C. Demaree