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All Dinosaurs "An Interview"

Chris Youngless
When I sat down with All Dinosaurs it was a cold night in the west end of
Cleveland. The snow falling from above seemed endless. The small dark club they would
be playing didn’t feel much better. Some people were drinking their ice-cold beers while
still wearing gloves, but it’s not a miserable scene by any means. Everyone there was
smiling and social. The energy was amazing.

All Dinosaurs, Bo Bowersmith- guitar/vocals, Dave Gibian- guitar/vocals,
Gheramy Demery- bass/vocals, and Joe Willis- drums, have been in and out of Cleveland
based bands for a number of years, none of which sound like the heavy, fast- driving
music of All Dinosaurs. “It came natural”, explains Bo. “I hate to use the buzz word
‘organic’, because I hate, but it really was.”

“This is the music I’ve always wanted to play,” Dave tells me. “ This is the band
I’ve always dreamed of playing in. I never have to pump myself up before going on
stage, because I’m already excited.”

That love of the music truly resonates during their live performances. They play
like it’s going to be their last show ever, every time ending each song with smiles. It
seems that the band is so proud and confident up on stage, but I learn that that it’s not the
case at all. “We’re smiling up there because it’s fun. We’re having a good time,” says
Dave. We’re not trying to be bad-asses or anything. We just play fast, thrashy music for
fun. If that makes us less of a cool band then that’s okay with me. We’re not in a band to
be cool.”

“If anything, it just makes us more broke,” Gheramy adds with a smile.

“Yeah, we’re not cool guys. We don’t have egos, because we all hate ourselves,”
jokes Bo. “If someone looks at us the wrong way we get crushed.”

“Yeah, and I feel that we deserve it every time,” Dave says. “I don’t expect
anyone to like our music. Girls hate it! We play music that girlfriends hate.”
Bo jumps in, “ We play music that no one is suppose to like.”

The band was leaving early the next morning on a small tour of the mid west. It
would be the first of many tours scheduled (including SXSW) to promote their selfproduced,
debut album: Paranoid Indigenous. But with a very ill bassist and weather that
for less words, is total shit, is it worth hitting the road just to play a few shows?

“The important thing is to get out of town as often as we can. All shows are
important. I think Gheramy is going to do a lot of sleeping in the van. So why not play
Iowa City in the middle of winter?”

The album itself is rock and roll at its most raw and purest foam. The relentless
and driving guitars mixed with brilliant drumming and screaming vocals barely give you
time to breath. It’s as if metal and punk gave birth to a whole new animal. With songs
like- Heap Wolves, Black Gold, and The Legend of Jesse James would have you think it
was a concept album. Even the cover art, which depicts a brutal fight between Native
Americans and frontiersmen, would lead you to believe that as well. Bo explains; “We
would be lying if we said that we didn’t have a theme in mind. The underlying theme is
paranoia. Whether we’re singing about oppression or just what we were feeling at the
time, the whole record is anxiety driven. We’re pretty anxious and uncomfortable

So what’s next for this humble yet brutally heavy band?

“Tour as much as possible,” Dave says. “Just really get the record out there, and
maybe one day be able to quit our jobs and live off our music. That’s the ultimate goal
for sure. I don’t think I would ever want the pressure of being a huge rock star.”

“Living off our music is ultimate success,” Gheramy adds. “As for fame and
fortune and all that jazz? I think we’re more likely to develop super powers.”

All Dinosaurs will be playing The Beachland Tavern on February 26th with
Trigger Effect. It is a record release show for their LP Paranoid Indigenous. The show is
only $5 and kicks off at 9pm. For more information visit or