An AltOhio Christmas

​All in the Family

Darren C. Demaree
​Every holiday season carries with it a defining moment. There’s the year you get your best gift (1988, Bo Jackson Dual Sport Handheld Game), the first year you hide yourself to share it with someone outside of your immediate family (2006, Emily), and the year where you see so many people in one day that you swear to never, ever do that again (2010). Good or bad, that moment is the gift you carry on from that season far after you shrank the very nice sweater your sister gave you.
My favorite holiday moment was from last year. We gave both of the kids a new bike, and their reactions were priceless. There was a shriek, some dancing, and a two-bike pile up all in the first ten minutes. I had triumphed during the construction of the bikes, incredibly the plastic toddler bike had proven almost impossible, but I was victorious. I got to eat cookies, sip coffee, and watch them crash into anything they wanted. We spent the whole day, just our small family, and it was great. I remember taking a nap. I remember having a nice workout while the kids recovered from their crashes.
The best decision we ever made was to make Christmas day all about us. We don’t travel. We’ll welcome guests if they want to come to us, but we aren’t going anywhere. Last year was perfect, because it was just us. We go all over the place the week leading up to the day, and we’ll even head somewhere the day after, but to allow the joy to happen naturally, within a lull, is great. The kids get to go nuts. We get to videotape the madness, and then we all get to rest together. We’re doing the same thing this year, and this time there is a trampoline involved. It should be epic. As long as nobody (the likely candidate is me) breaks an arm it should rival the pinnacle of last year.