Amy Sand

Hometown: Blair, Nebraska.

Currently Lives: Cincinnati, Ohio

Farthest place from Ohio I’ve ever been: Riga, Latvia

Favorite Band when I was 10: Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston, Boys II Men, Britney Spears
15: Bright Eyes, The Faint, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Britney Spears
20: Against Me, Jenny Lewis, MIA, Britney Spears
25: Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers, Icky Blossoms, Britney Spears

Favorite Record Store: Phil’s Records

Picnic or Bowling Alley: Picnic. Lying outside next to food is genius.

Favorite Adult Beverage: Full-Flavored Beer

Favorite un-alcoholic beverage: Water

Enemies: Time Zones

One Weakness I Have: Wintergreen Lifesavers.

An anecdote about me in 50 words or less:
Human, feminist, writer, avid thrifter and Helen Keller admirer. Happiness is equality. Looking forward to the day gay marriage is legal in every state.