An AltOhio Christmas

Chad W. Lutz
Wintertime in Ohio is special. Despite the cold and the snow, a sense of community never fails to persevere the weather.  We're tough, maybe not Upper Midwest Tough, but we hold our own. And during the holiday season some of our finer qualities shine. We give more, we go out of our way to help more, and we take things less for granted. Winter may not be everyone's favorite season but its effects trickle down the years into who we are when we face adversity and uncomfortable situations. And as Ohioans, we rise.

The holidays are sure to shore up a wide range of memories for anybody. Maybe you have a special, fond memory of trips to the tree farm to claim the annual evergreen for pruning, dressing, and month-long ogling. Maybe the dog leapt onto the counter during a holiday party one year and came away victorious and with a belly full of beef brisket. You got socks? Again? Well, they are practical. Even if you are just going to take them back to the store.

We'd like to invite you to center on those memorable holiday moments this year as we share our own fond memories of Christmas and the holidays. And, in true holiday fashion, we're going to bring them to you one day at a time. So, sit back, relax, pour a glass of strong whiskey, wriggle into your Snuggie, and enjoy a few short anecdotes on us. Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Neighbors

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Dylan Sonderman

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Hallie Witwer Kosovich

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Kathleen Finley