Anberlin Final Tour Preview

Kathleen Finley
Anberlin kicked off the U.S leg of their final tour in Phoenix on October 6, marking the beginning of the end. They will be making a stop in Cleveland at the House of Blues on November 19, and I was able to ask bassist Deon Rexroat a few questions about what we can expect from this tour.
AO: As it is your final tour, what kind of tone/atmosphere do you hope the tour to have?
Deon: We just hope everyone enjoys the music we’ve made through all the years. For us, this isn’t a funeral; it’s a celebration of 12 years of music and community.
AO: Can you give us any hints to what the set list will be like?
Deon: A lot of songs! I don’t like to give it away, but we are definitely doing a career spanning set, so expect songs from album one all the way to album seven.
AO:Is it a big send off, or more low key?
Deon: It’s a victory lap, so we’re making a lot of noise.
AO: Are there any opening acts, special guests, etc?
Deon: We have different friends opening all along the tour. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
AO: How have you grown as a band and as people over your career?
Deon: For sure. One can’t spend as much time together as we have and not change and grow. Luckily for me, I’ve been surrounded by a really good group of guys, so I think I’ve definitely changed for the better.
AO: What makes "Lowborn" stand out from your previous albums?
Deon: It’s very much a statement of us at the end of our time as a band. Knowing it would be our last album gave us a totally different perspective on music and lyrics and I think that comes through.
Anberlin promises their last U.S. tour will signify them ending on a high note. The band will be at the House of Blues November 19th. Tickets are on sale now.