Show Review

Anberlin: The Final Tour

@House of Blues 11/19/14

Anberlin's farewell stage set.
Kathleen Finley
​November 19 marked the end of an era, as Anberlin played their final show in Cleveland at the House of Blues. It was completely sold out and everyone was anxious and excited to hear them one last time. My photo pass got me in front of the barricade for the first three songs and the ability to stay in the front for the remainder of the show. The opening act was Mike Herrera, formerly of the punk band MxPx. He played a simple but impressive set of acoustic songs. Then, the lights dimmed, and Anberlin took the stage.
​The atmosphere was completely electric. I was running around, furiously snapping pictures and dodging crowd surfers. They opened with "We Are Destroyer" from their current album, Lowborn, with guitarists Joseph Milligan and Christian McAlhaney giving their all. The song ended and they went right into "Someone Anyone" off of Vital, energizing the crowd even more. Stephen Christian’s vocals soared and captivated. He worked the entire stage, making it a little difficult to get a good shot of him, but it showed his passion and enthusiasm. You could see in their faces that they were so happy to be there, but there was a lingering bitter sweetness, knowing that things were coming to an end soon. Seven more shows and it would be all over.
After my allotted three songs, I stood off to the side in the front just in awe. Here was a band I’ve loved for most of my young adult life, celebrating the past twelve years of a glorious road, and I got to be part of it. They played songs from every single album, and you can bet I was singing along. Hearing "The Unwinding Cable Car" live brought tears to my eyes and "Godspeed" had me pumping my fist. In a word: incredible. It was just absolutely incredible.
You will be missed, Anberlin.