Album Review

Andy McKee - Mythmaker EP

Released April 8, 2014
Steve Allanson
Have you ever lost yourself in the magic of music to the point where you forget to breathe? I'm lucky Andy McKee's new album, Mythmaker, is only 4 songs long or I would need a respirator. Every track on the EP is absolutely breathtaking and leaves much to the imagination as to what the guitar virtuoso will release next.

Mythmaker opens up with the title track. McKee keeps true to his famous slap guitar and handsome melodies, accompanied by the hand-created percussion made on his guitar. The track does offer a new sound, reminiscent of Jon Gomm's dissonant melodies, but stays true to the popular Andy McKee style.

“The Reason” is the second song on the album and gives you no better reason to continue to listen to the magic this man creates. His fingers gracefully glide over the fret board creating a perfect composition of notes that could only be described as a portal. As you're listening you feel as if you have been transported to a new and beautiful world.

“June”, the third track on the album, written for his grandmother and mother, offers a completely new element to McKee's already impressive repertoire. Known for his skills on the classical guitar and harp-guitar, McKee shows what he can do on the piano. Even though the song doesn't give a sense of the technical stylings heard in his guitar compositions, “June” is a beautiful piece of music.

The album closes with my new favorite song, “Lumine”. Blending the new elements with the old, “Lumine” starts on the piano and perfectly merges with the classical guitar and even a jazz-overdriven electric guitar. No words can properly describe how powerful this piece is. Emotions run haywire as you feel anguish, fear, and love in the matter of five minutes and fifteen seconds. Overall, Mythmaker will continue to please fans of McKee and draw new ones. The addition of new instruments is a welcome one as they perfectly accent the classical guitar. For only $4.00 Mythmaker should be a welcome addition to any music lover's library.