Album Review

As Blood Runs Black - Ground Zero

Released October 27, 2014
Steve Allanson
Ground Zero is the latest release from the California-based deathcore band As Blood Runs Black. The band was the first to get me interested in heavier music, so they have a special place in my heart. Ground Zero strays away from the deathcore sound and adopts the trending melodic-metalcore sound.
The newest release falls short of anything to write home about. Production value takes strongly away from any interest you might have in the sub-par guitar work; and the vocals sound garbled. As usual for As Blood Runs Black the drums show the most promise as Hector De Santiago still shreds like a human octopus on his drum set.
Aside from the drums, the musicianship in Ground Zero leaves a lot to be desired. Guitar riffs and solos are nothing you haven’t heard before, and are mostly laughable. Songs like “Vision” and “Survival Rights” offer bits of what we have come to expect from the band in previous releases but they're not enough to save this disaster of an album.