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Bam! Healthy Cuisine

North Canton

Chad W. Lutz
When I finally decided to give the place a try after scoping out their Facebook page for nearly three months, I could hardly contain myself. A restaurant boasting “healthy cuisine” with vegan-friendly menu items and not a single fried anything found anywhere on the premises? Could this be heaven? It was exactly that kind of self-hype that actually made it hard to believe. Ask me the same question after my first bite and you would have been talking to a convert in rapture.

It was drizzling, but warm. I and three other co-workers piled into a red 99’ Taurus with only three working seat belts in the car and made our way to the restaurant to give it a try. I don’t know why I had been so reluctant to suggest the restaurant to everyone else, but as soon as I made mention everyone seemed excited and on board and away we went. We had trouble finding parking when we arrived. BAM! Healthy Cuisine shares a miniscule parking lot with a hair salon and spots come at a pretty premium. After waiting five minutes to park, we finally made our way inside.

I think it is fair to say that BAM! Healthy Cuisine may be in need of expansion. Able to only sit eight people uncomfortably, the tiny restaurant looked more like one of those Pizza Hut take-out-only locations. The walls were a dark stained wood and the tile floor and tropical décor made for a sort of warm island feel. A single TV broadcasts today’s talking heads on mute while the radio in the kitchen can just be made out above the commotion of the workers and the food they’re preparing.

What BAM! Healthy Cuisine lacks in available parking and seating it makes up for in taste, flavor, and choice. The menu includes what one might expect to find at a health-food restaurant: salads, wraps, sandwiches. Unique to BAM! Healthy Cuisine is the style and combinations of ingredients which go into each meal. My first visit I chose to go with the California Wrap. This luscious lunch item consisted of grilled chicken, avocado, romaine, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, roma tomatoes, and light ranch dressing. Of course, BAM! Healthy Cuisine makes all menu items to order, so if you want sauces and other hoopla left off you are more than welcome to the choice.

The California was delicious. The added greens helped balance the grilled chicken perfectly and everything was grilled to perfection inside a whole wheat wrap. I’ve also had the privilege to try The Raw Veg, as it’s called. This monster, Chipotle burrito-sized wrap boasts an all-veggie ingredient list consisting of alfalfa sprouts, romaine lettuce, black olives, pickles, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, garbanzo beans, carrots, avocado, baby spinach, olive oil, red vinegar, and herbs. All it took was one bite and I knew I had found my favorite. Any veggie lover should definitely give this massive wrap a try.
Close cousin to The Raw Veg; BAM! Healthy Cuisine’s Veggie Wrap (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)
Other wraps include the Peanut Butter Banana, Baja, Veggie Burger, Philly Steak, Cheeseburger, Black & Bleu, and Salmon, among many more. BAM! Healthy Cuisine also offers 11 different salads, grilled chicken and cold-cut sandwiches, and 21 freshly made signature pizzas. Try to imagine a thinner-than-New-York-Style whole wheat crust topped with items like Canadian bacon, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, pineapples, green beans, sundried tomatoes, bleu cheese, turkey pepperoni, kalamata olives, spinach, tofu, and all natural chicken. The healthy eatery that who won my heart even offers a $7 feature of the day, which may include specialty pizzas, wraps, salads, or the next menu item I aim to try, BAM! Healthy Cuisine’s Black Bean Quesadilla.
BAM! Healthy Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza (Photo from BAM! Healthy Cuisine Facebook )
By the time we finished our meals we could’ve cared less there was an overcast sky. Just on the brink of being overly full, we assessed the situation over a rousing game of inner-office foosball. The consensus was unanimous. BAM! Health Cuisine was on our list of places to return and frequent. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out BAM! Healthy Cuisine I suggest you do. Don’t be turned off by the name. Just because “Healthy Cuisine” is in the title doesn’t mean they sacrificed taste. It just means you’ll feel a little better about yourself after you devour the entire thing (whatever your heart leads you to dine).
BAM! Healthy Cuisine
2185 E Maple St, North Canton, OH 44720
 Monday – Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm
(330) 494-7136
Prices: $2.95 - $18.25