Show Review

Beach House w/ Moss of Aura @ The Beachland

Brent Andermann
The show started out with the aura of a random house party that apparently everyone (including a ton of hipsters) got the memo about and somehow you just happened to stumble into. J. Gerrit Welmers of Moss of Aura was sitting indian style on the stage with a simple setup. To everyone’s surprise,even though none of them danced, what came out of the speakers was the spaciest and most diverse set of slow jams that I’ve ever heard. As everyone else was of course standing at attention, folding their hands, I caught a few folks starting to move a little. They were almost subconsciously driven to it by the force of the music. There were shiny sequin tapered pinata diamonds across the stage behind him. Even as he got into his set and the disco ball lit up,spangled, and flickered spots across the walls, it’s purpose was still unknown.

Though Once Beach House hit the stage, everything became very clear. The lights reflected off the diamonds and the band glowed all the colors of the spectrum at some point during their set. Sometimes they were many colors all at once. The audience’s brows glistened and their eyes were sleepy with reverie. Everyone swayed as Victoria Legrande bellowed, her voice and Alex’s guitar sent out walls of reverb that filled Beachland. It was the most mellow dance party that I have ever been to. The band itself were quite charming and enchanting. Alex Scally danced about as he laid down his delicate guitar lines and Victoria banged her head and pounded her keyboard as if she was trying to send the notes up to somewhere otherworldly and wanted to make sure that they had enough force to make the trip.

Seeing them live, you appreciate how talented these two really are and how subtly they use their collective strengths and voices to make something so engaging, genuine, and fragile. While they mostly played songs off their new album, the audience didn’t seem to care at all. If you would have been there, you wouldn’t in fact have seen a single face that showed any sign of distress or worry at all. While I noticed plenty of drug use; what this band created at the Ballroom was an experience that somehow lulled us all into an endorphin fueled state. Each note and rhythm controlled the bend and movement of our forms. As I looked around; I just saw smiles. It was a good night.