Ben Folds and Fraggle Rock Team Up For the Best Video Ever

photo courtesy of google images
Tiffany Wilhelm
Um, what?! So Fraggle Rock will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2013, and as promotion they’ve collaborated with newly-reunited BEN FOLDS FIVE and Nerdist to create a music video. Dear gods of all that is nerdy: Thank you!

Ben Folds Five’s much-anticipated album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (ImaVeePee Records/Sony Music) releases tomorrow, September 18th. As a lover of everything Ben’s musical genius touches, I can barely contain my excitement... it’s been a long wait! And now I can watch this Fraggle Rock video on loop for the next 24 hours to get me through.
How did all of this nerd awesomeness come together? Thanks for that can go to Chris Hardwick (Nerdist) and Lisa Henson (CEO, The Jim Henson Company). Hardwick describes how this cluster of awesomeness happened:

"In a meeting with Lisa, she casually said, 'Next year is the 30th anniversary of 'Fraggle Rock.' Would you want to do anything with the Fraggles?' 'WHAT THE [expletive]?? That's an OPTION?!' I loudly replied. I think I scared her a little. I knew Ben had a new album releasing in September so I threw his name out. Lisa said 'that would be amazing' without hesitation. It was beautifully serendipitous. It seemed like a no-brainer to me, but I still cautiously pitched it to Ben, not really knowing his relationship with the show. I think I just spit words out, 'YOU. VIDEO. FRAGGLES. ME PAY FOR!'"

"When Ben sent me 'Do it Anyway,' I knew within the first five seconds that the song was perfect-the bouncy piano... the dancing bass actually sounded like it was intentionally written for the Fraggles. I can never fully express the amount of nerdy joy that I felt on set seeing Red Fraggle jump around on Ben's piano," said Hardwick. "And the fact that I was able to weasel my way into the video was a dream come true."

Red Fraggle said, "We had a great adventure in Outer Space! Ben, Robert and Darren love music as much as Fraggles do, so we had lots of fun. It would be wonderful to have them come play more music in the caves with us, but I am not sure they can fit through the hole in the floor!"

Even Red Fraggle knows how awesome this is! Watch it – now!