​Best Coast @ Beachland Ballroom 9/17

Nick Lotz
​SoCal-based rock duo Best Coast sang in their 2010 smash hit “The Only Place,” “why would you live anywhere else/we’ve got the ocean/got the babes/got the sun/we’ve got the waves/this is the only place for me,” and despite how it may look on paper, they successfully pulled off those lyrics with the least amount of irony seen since Brian Wilson wistfully sang that he desired global homogeneity in the form of “California Girls.”
California Nights, Best Coast’s most recent album, is named after the nocturnal life of those on the Left Coast. The songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of the band, Bethany Consentino, wrote a nice essay that accompanies the album in which she speaks of the general mood of creativity that springs from the twilight hours around those parts, saying: “I do so much of my thinking and creative work at night also ties in with the idea that Bobb and I know a lot of spots and places within and around the city that a lot of people don’t really know or care to know.”
The “Bobb” she speaks of is Bobb Bruno, the drummer and multi-instrumentalist who makes up the second half of the Best Coast duo. He’s featured in the music video off their new release, “Feeling Okay,” feasting on cheeseburgers while lying on his back on a tennis court, maintaining mostly a background role in the band (but who can blame the camera for focusing on the ever photogenic Ms. Consentino). The song itself is enjoyable to listen to, upbeat and pop-punkish in that whimsical kind of way that evokes images of trend-setting, thick-framed glasses wearers, and this carefree surf-rock mood carries strong throughout the entire album.
Best Coast’s upcoming show is at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 17. The band actually added this locale as an extension to their album release tour, I would guess due to the amount of energy and excitement for California Nights. For tickets and more information, visit the Beachland Ballroom ticketing site, or for more information on their upcoming tour dates, visit the Best Coast website. Either way, surf’s up on Lake Erie next Thursday.