Album Review

Best Coast "Crazy for You"

Brent Andermann
Bethany Cosentino’s voice and persona on Crazy For You is a captive who’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome, but one that has sudden burst of quiet, psychotic melt downs. You can feel the ache of every word she sings and the rawness in her throat as she’s forcing herself to push each and every word out. She howls, drones, and croons under the fuzz of 60’s lo-fi/surf pop guitars and undeniable but easily overlooked backbone of the record that is the rhythm section made up of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno and (ex-Vivian Girls) drummer Ali Koehler. Crazy For You evokes the expectations of summer, but also the unforeseen variable that invites honest beauty and tragedy.

While Best Coast’s continue to indulge their fascination with surf rock, punk, and baroque pop that was visited on their previous ep’s, singles, and splits; songs like “Honey” and “I Want To” introduce something all together different. While all these influences are instantly heard, what is hidden beneath all the sweet melodies and reverb soaked production, are personal ethos shared with the listener if they’re willing to meet halfway emotionally. At times, the title of the record, Crazy For You, is less a mantra of the impulsive things we do for love and more of the longing for some kind of emotional attachment to anyone or anything at all, even if it’s only for a second. The deliberate charge and dance of the guitars on songs like “Boyfriend”, “Crazy For You”, “Happy”, and the album closer “Each and Every Day” mirror a dark, mad obsession that has not been heard in recent pop history.

The finished product is polished, devoid of the oceans of buzzing guitars and distorted vocals, but also in a way is freer than their previous work. It is un-tethered of the conventions that Best Coast had set in front of themselves so early in their career.