Album Review

​Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic

Released July 10, 2015
Steve Allanson
Between the Buried and Me’s seventh studio album, Coma Ecliptic, is putting the band in legit contention for album of the year. This new album is PERFECT! The fusion of jazz, death metal, and progressive rock mold together and form an enticing rock opera. Yes, I said rock opera. No, that does not mean the 15 year old band has lost their raunchy metal guts. If you ask me, they’re even gutsier.

Paul Waggoner still shreds the guitar with elegance and authority. Waggoner often brings alive that ever-elusive Brian May sound and still thrashes it out; often in the same song. Tommy Rogers belts out beautiful harmonies that have you wondering why he never used his clean vocals this much before. Rogers also brings back his keyboard and mixes really well with the rest of the band. In previous albums, the keyboard never seemed to fit. Rogers still puts his guttural growls on display and they’re still among the best in the genre. Blake Richardson still seems like a human octopus as he beats the shit out of his drums in rapid succession and uses the cymbals to accent the guitars beautifully.

The production value of Coma Ecliptic is by far the most superior of all seven albums. In previous albums, Between the Buried and Me sounded like the band recorded in their mom’s basement. This time each individual note screams out with distinction. Since the album tells a story, each song coincides with the other, and they flow into each track much more seamlessly, although, it is much easier to tell that a new track has started (which was a problem in previous albums).

Coma Ecliptic, (as I mentioned earlier) is a rock-opera. The band pays homage to Queen, who brought rock-operas to the mainstream. Waggoner uses the Brian May tones and harmonies. The narrative of Coma Ecliptic is, you guessed, about a man in a coma. While in the coma, the man travels back to his past lives. The man has to make a choice in each destination to either stay or move onto something better. Each track acts as if it is a scene, and the album is a movie, and each song will take you on your own auditory journey.

There are few words that express the magnitude of how truly incredible this new album Between the Buried and Me has released. The narrative, the masterful musicianship, the production value is top notch. The only thing that could make this album better than it already is if they dug up Freddie Mercury’s corpse, brought him back to life and had him do guest vocals, thus making this rock opera truly perfect.