Bonnaroo Announces 2013 Lineup

Emily Meister
Well, we’ve finally hit that part of the year when all of the summer fun is dwindling down and we’re struggling to get back into the groove of school and work. Just when we think our sanity is left to survive solely on memories from this year’s summer flings and music festivals, we hear a little “bloop” noise from our iPhone and it seems all hope is found. Well, I’m here to be that “bloop.”

It’s time to buy a big, fat, red marker and start counting down the days to Bonnaroo 2013. Next year isn’t far off and before you know it, it will be time to put on the short shorts, get sweaty and experience some amazing live music with thousands of strangers.

As always, the four-day music and arts festival will be held at the 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, just 60 miles southeast of Nashville with dates now set for June 13-16, 2013. After this year’s sold-out festival, organizers are hard at work to ensure that the event maintains its reputation for having some of the most eclectic lineups and most diverse entertainment of any festival in the country.

While Bonnaroo has taken praise from major publications such as Billboard and The Huffington Post, the festival has even heard some pretty kind words from rapper Jay-Z’s website, Life and Times, which states “Of all the major North American summer festivals, Bonnaroo always manages to stand apart.”’

Aside from being the only 24-hour major U.S. music festival and a new “rite of passage” for bands, the event has many features that other festivals can’t even dream of competing with. Activities include an arcade, cinema festival, comedy theater, yoga classes, internet cafes, and sustainable gardening lessons, to name a few. Bonnaroo has also come to have quite an impact in the comedy world, featuring some of today’s best talent, and is now considered an essential play for every comedian – both established and on the rise.

In case you’re so excited that you can’t deal with waiting nine months to experience what USA Today called “the godfather of American rock festivals,” you can soothe your little souls by visiting Bonnaroo 365 to view past performances, interviews, and other goodies.

Special pre-sale tickets will be announced in November with the 2013 line up being announced in February.