Bouncing Souls @ The Agora 11/16

Lisa Sanchez

I must have listened to the Bouncing Souls for a solid two years of my life. The New Jersey pogo punkers were always a great option for upbeat punk that didn't leave you dissatisfied and bitter about the social climate. The Bouncing Souls were the latte equivalent in the punk rock scene, they got you up, got you moving, and didn't leave you feeling heavy.

The Bouncing Souls, who have been together as song as I have been alive, released their tenth album, Simplicity, in July of this year. Simplicity marks a sort of return to form for the band who had been slowly drifting in a more melodic direction for years. The most recent album reminded Bouncing Souls fans why the group was so infectious in the first place. Vocalist â€‹Greg Attonito delivers solid singing with his well-known smooth delivery and the rest of the band steps up to deliver some good old-fashioned pop punk into the kids of the future.

Along with Simplicity, the Bouncing Souls have introduced themselves to road life again. Luckily, the veteran pop punkers are making a stop in Cleveland on November 16. The Bouncing Souls haven't played Cleveland in a little while so I'm thrilled to see them at the Agora with Cayetana and The Flatliners. As a typed those words just now I may have peed a little with excitement. The tour obviously accompanies the release of Simplicity, which has a few tracks I wouldn't mind hearing live, but the Bouncing Souls have more than 25 years of material on their backs and I'm eager to surf a nostalgia wave.

I love it when veteran punk bands still play together. The Bouncing Souls have maintained virtually the same lineup for almost 30 years. I don't know any human being that's ever been that dedicated to anything, so take advantage of seeing the show before they realize what they're doing and scatter to the farthest reaches of punk rock retirement homes (Spoiler: they're still all in Florida).

Tickets for the Bouncing Souls November 16 show at the Agora are still available so anchors aweigh my friends!