Album Review

​Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit

Released September 11, 2015
Lisa Sanchez
​Bring Me the Horizon, one of the most popular alternative bands today and established Warped Tour darlings, have released their fifth studio album, That's the Spirit. Despite any notions you may have about Bring Me the Horizon, past or present, their newest album makes a definite statement that will leave even the most discriminating music fan with a song they love.
That's the Spirit sounds markedly different from the band's previous releases. The English five-piece started out predominantly as a deathcore band complete with churning, guttural vocals and never-ending breakdowns. Bring Me the Horizon has been on a constant trajectory toward a softer sound for years, but That's the Spirit takes the band's newfound diversity to the whole new level.
One of the most palpable differences on That's the Spirit is the band's inclusion of far more EDM (electro-dance music) and atmospheric elements into most of their songs. The first track, "Doom" begins with vocalizing overlaid with moans and heavy bass, then transitions to Oli Sykes vocals with constant effects over his voice and in the background. "Throne" also opens as a straight up dance track then hits fast with guitars and drums. Even though the new sound is a shock to the senses, the aforementioned songs are very strong additions to the album although the electronic vibe gives "Throne" a bit of a "Linkin Park circa 2004" motif.
The band has made some sound changes, but it's not all rave and smoke. "Happy Song", one of the band's first teaser tracks for the new album is solidly rock and roll, even if it's catchy as hell and makes you feel like a 15-year old girl. The track features some of Sykes heavier vocal stylings, constant guitar, plus a spirit team singing chorus. "True Friends" also conjures up the urge to head bang, but is another track where the band was able to blend the theatricality of violin and atmospheric noise with the hard-hitting edge that the band is known for.
One thing I enjoy the most about That's the Spirit is each song is its own contained universe. Every song is completely distinct from the last and each one tells its own story both lyrically and compositionally. The band covers a range of sounds, from "Follow You" a slower, semi-ballad about a semi-creepy love that throughout the song remains semi-endearing to fast, heavier jams like "Avalanche" and "Blasphemy."
I believe anyone can find something about That's the Spirit they can enjoy. Whether it's the super-catchy "Happy Song" or re-recorded "Drown" or the trippy tracks "Run" and "Oh No." Bring Me the Horizon has put their best foot forward and it's definitely appreciated. I've never had any overwhelming desire to listen to or see this band, despite all of their hype, but now I see that at least part of their accolades are well-deserved. Bring Me the Horizon has come a long way since pelting the audience with pig squeals and That's the Spirit successfully blends techno, metal, alternative, and pop elements that shows the band is worth more than a colorful array of neck tattoos.