CIFF 40 Film Review

Bunny the Killer Thing

Nick Lotz​

I always thought the Finns were a respectful and intelligent group of people. Finland does, after all, have the highest standard of living in the world according to those surveys on the internets. So, I was not expecting Bunny the Killer Thing, a movie about a giant bunny-rabbit human hybrid who thirsts for “fresh pussy” and kills coeds with his monster bunny dick, to be so crass and crude and gory (the idiocy of that statement is intentional).

Bunny the Killer Thing is a horrible, horrible movie. Don’t take your mother to it. Don’t take your girlfriend to it. Do get really wasted at the Horseshoe Casino with your buddies and go watch it while lit so you can laugh your ass off.

I guess I could talk more about the plot, but the previous description encapsulates it in its entirety. If that piqued your interest, why, then, you and I will get along, because I loved this horrible, horrible movie from start to finish (Finnish?).

Just think camp to the extreme, then add weird European spices, then add a rabbit with a huge penis, and you have this; this fantastic masterpiece that I gave four out of four stars.