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Can't Get No Relief

Chad W. Lutz
Earlier this morning, reports began filing in about a large sheen of oil spotted off the coast of Louisiana. Officials state the oil sheen spans one mile in width and spreads ten miles wide. So far, no causes for the oil sheen have been determined. Nearby Shell Oil rigs drilling offshore stand as the lone suspects. Emergency crews in New Orleans have already been alerted and clean-up vessels have been deployed to begin mopping up the gigantic oceanic slick.

All too similar to the BP Oil spill which happened nearly two years ago to the day, emergency crews took immediate action to prevent any further spillage into the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the oil lost during the 2010 catastrophe has been cleaned up; however, thousands of gallons of crude still wash up on Gulf shores daily. The EPA has made no official comment yet.

With national averages for gas prices nearing $4.00 per gallon, one wonders how something like this can continue to happen with such a precious resource. The sheen is located 130 miles off the New Orleans coastline and lies directly in between the Ursa and Mars drilling rigs owned by Shell. The oil conglomerate has released a statement saying: “There is no current indication,” the sheen was caused by the Shell rigs.

205 million gallons of oil, 16.5 million gallons of chemical solvents, and $7 billion later, including $5 billion in settlements, it seems the Gulf Coast still “can’t get no relief.” Bob Dylan may not have been referring to the Gulf of Mexico in his infamous song “All Along the Watchtower”, but it seems that no oil company, “will level on the line,” and none will offer their word.

No Sympathy for NOLA…
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