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Cavaliers 10-game Recap

Chad W. Lutz
Let’s talk history here for a second, as in: Colonial history. When the early American colonists made their way over to the New Land across the Atlantic pond, most, if not all, of their heads were swelling with dreams of the future. Somewhere out there was a land where religious persecution was nil and opportunities were abundant and practically fell from trees. In that age, they actually did, considering the early agricultural efforts, but that’s neither here nor there.
When the pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock, they were starved and diseased and needed a hell of a lot of nursing back to health. Their supplies were low, emotional reserves drained, and gone were the lofty fantasies of instant assimilation into the landscape. They encountered harsh winter weather, rocky shores, and natives. Some were friendly. Many were foe.

​Ten games into the 2014-2015 NBA season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking modest, at best. Not bad, but modest. They aren’t firing on all cylinders yet. It’s like watching a champion swimmer in the pool without goggles. By feel alone they can make it to the other end of the pool, but, when you get down to it, they’re still just feeling around.
Lebron James en route to a near triple-double 11/10/2014
(Ken Blaze/USA Today)
​​​When Miami maligned the former Big 3 in July of 2010, the Heat’s record after seventeen games was a mere 9-8. They were forcing shots, rushing passes, and just didn’t seem to possess the same je ne sais quoi of teams manned by Chris Bosh and LeBron James prior. However, anything was better than the abysmal teams Dwayne Wade failed to carry on his own after Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning, and Sean Marion left South Beach. That was the general consensus. Out with the old, in with the new. Onward and upward. The sky was the limit. Somewhere out there sat as many championships as those three young men chose to strive for. And strive they did.

​The season opened with a loss, even after mountains of media men touted the Return of the King as the next big thing since sliced bread for three straight months. Toss in a side of Love and wash it down with a tall glass of Irving, Waiters, and a healthy Anderson Varejao. It looked so good on paper that many were quick to talk Cavs/insert team Finals.
Like the Pilgrims of our country’s storied history, the Wine and Gold have hit a lot of bumps in the road on their way to realizing what took the Miami Heat two full seasons to really accomplish. Our new coach is proving with just about every decision he makes that the NBA is a bit of a different scenario than the Euro Leagues. Those of level character would expect that. Lebron James has looked out of sync; throwing beeline passes to fans in the stands and dribbling off of his feet on occasion. But that will work its way out, too.
During a pregame interview with the media at Quicken Loans Arena before the game last night against San Antonio, head coach and renowned sports sage Gregg Popovich spoke on the talent possessed by this Cavaliers team. “With the players they have, there’s no question they’re going to be a much better team come playoff time.”
A lot can be said about the promise of this team, but we’re only through ten games. And even though last night’s loss to the Spurs was bitter (divorce bitter), .500 ball is still a rare thing in Cleveland, regardless of which sport you tune into.
@ WAS 11/21
vs. TOR 11/22
vs. ORL 11/24
vs. WAS 11/26
vs. IND 11/29
vs. MIL 12/2
@ NY 12/4
@ TOR 12/5
@ BKN 12/8
vs. TOR 12/9