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Tragedy Strikes Chardon

Chad W. Lutz
Chardon, OH – February 28, 2012

Yesterday morning shots were fired in the Chardon High School cafeteria. Five students were injured; two of them fatally wounded. A teacher chased the suspect, 17-year old T.J. Lane, out of the school. Lane later gave himself up to police along the side of a road a few blocks from the school. Witnesses say the suspect looked remorseful at the time of the arrest.

Chardon, a Cleveland suburb of roughly 5,100 people, took to the tragedy and instantly rallied in support of the victims and their families. Many attended candle lit vigils and community support meetings to help cope with the loss and mourn for the lives of the innocent victims. Hundreds of news crews and reporters began documenting the incident mere hours after the tragedy unfolded. According to articles posted on, friends of the suspect are as shocked about the identity of the gunman as the actual shootings taking place.

While a matter of grief and mourning for the time being, the senseless shooting in Chardon also raises several other questions regarding the safety of students in U.S. schools. Between February 1996 and February 2010, 44 school shootings have occurred in the United States, including more than 110 fatalities. Hundreds more have either been seriously injured or fully paralyzed by the violence.
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