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My New Hookah Haven

City & East, Cleveland

Hallie Witwer
If you’re ever on the east side of Cleveland, or even if you’re not, make a point to hit up the nightlife in the Coventry section of town, specifically City & East. I discovered it on a Friday night as it was nearing two in the morning. My friends and I were enjoying a night out and we had just spent a good hour or two at the rather dark, moody, and extremely fun dance club called “B-Side”. As we tumbled out of the club, sweaty and red-faced from dancing, we all paused, waiting for someone to suggest where to go next, whether it be a specific place or just a simple “right” or “left”. After a collective breath of semi-cool night air, a suggestion was voiced.

“City and East!”

“Another bar? Sounds good,” I replied.

I was then informed that it was actually a hookah bar. Even more pleased, I turned in the direction of my friend’s pointed finger and made the very short journey down Euclid Heights Boulevard. When another friend voiced the fact that he had never been to a hookah bar I gave him a brief overview of what I had come to expect from my previous experiences at the Firefly Lounge in Kent, Ohio.

“The one I’ve been to is pretty quiet and chill. They’ll probably serve wine and coffee, maybe beer.”

Oh how wrong I was. And how happy I am that I was. We entered the historic Centrum Theater and climbed a flight of stairs to reach the entranceway. We were met by a bouncer who carded and slapped some wristbands on us. I could already hear the thumping music, which threw me for a loop since I was anticipating some chill Indie tunes.

When we walked through the doors I was amazed by how large of a place it was. It was really two sections that were divided by a long glass wall. On one side were a bunch of couches where groups of people lounged smoking tasty hookahs, and on the other side was a full bar, with an area set aside for dancing. The glass wall allowed for some distance from the smoke if desired, but patrons could still have full visual access to the entire place.

With lanterns that give the already stylish and fun atmosphere an even better multi-colored glow, speedy bartenders, dancing, and a wide selection of hookah flavors ranging from the classic fruity mangos and apples to the bizarre and creatively named “Arabian Nights” (that simply can’t be described without experiencing a nice long drag) I would definitely recommend this bar to friends and strangers alike. Not to mention that the entire Coventry area in Cleveland Heights is packed with fun shops and great bars. We closed out the evening at “City & East” with mixed drinks, beer, and three hookahs between us. Who could ask for a better end to a night out in the city of rock and roll?

*City & East is open 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday; Closed Sunday, located on Euclid Heights Boulevard in the Coventry Section of Cleveland.