Lights! Camera! Rebel!

Chad W. Lutz
If you haven’t heard about it in the news yet, it’s happening again. Thousands of people converging on one place to watch demonstrations of social, political, moral, and ethical proportions all to discuss feverishly debated opinions on world issues. People will disagree. Tempers will flare. Popcorn will be eaten? While your intuition might have had you thinking Libya, Egypt, or Iran, I’m actually talking Cleveland. Celebrating its 35th year, the Cleveland International Film Festival begins March 24th and they want you to be a part of the story.

Tickets went on sale Friday, March 4th and will be available through the CIFF’s website and Tower City Box Office until April 3rd when the festival commences. This year is already shaping up to be quite the year, with over 280 films expected to be screened in a little more than a week. Advance ticket prices for most films will be $12 for non-members and $10 for members. Memberships will also be available through the film festival’s website ( or can be purchased by telephone at 1-800-304-FILM.


What’s big on this year’s To-See list? Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the upcoming films and their show times to stoke the cinematic fires.

The Other F Word
Directed by: Andrea Blaugrund Nevins
Runtime: 98 minutes
Any diehard fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Blink 182 need to check this film out. Chronicling the rise of punk rockers Flea, Jim Lindberg, Mark Hoppus, Rob Chaos, Matt Freeman, and a host of other anti-establishment enthusiasts into their roles as family men, The Other F Word promises to be an insightful film sure to have as many laughs as it will thrashing tracks.

Show times: Saturday, April 2nd @ 10:10 PM and Sunday April 3rd @ 2:00PM

Addicted In Afghanistan
Directed by: Jawed Taiman
Runtime: 75 minutes
Afghanistan/United Kingdom
As the country’s number one export, Addicted in Afghanistan takes an in-depth look at the countries growing heroin problems. The film captures the horrifying reality of a country wrapped up in the drug trade and the day-to-day struggles its citizens fight through in this highly-anticipated documentary directed by newcomer Jawed Taiman.

Show times: Monday, March 28th @ 4:30PM and Tuesday, March 29th @ 9:05PM

Autumn Gold
Directed by: Jan Tenhaven
Runtime: 90 minutes

A film sure to please the sports lover in all of us, Autumn Gold is one of those inspirational movies that comes along every once in a while that has you feeling like you could run the Boston Marathon by the time the end credits roll. Following the events of five geriatric athletes aged 83-100 years old training for the 2009 World Masters track and field championships held in Finland, anyone that shares a passion for glory or has a soft spot for the elderly will feel like a winner watching 90-year-old Herbert run the 100 mile dash.

Show times: Friday, April 1st @ 2:00 PM and Sunday, April 3rd @ 11:40AM

Directed by: Pipilotti Rist
Runtime: 82 minutes
This one might have some explaining to do. Pepperminta is a psychedelic masterpiece of visionary director Pipilotti Rist, who appears to be a Beatles fan. The film’s main character “Pippi” dresses like she just stepped off the Yellow Submarine from Pepperland, and for all we know she could have. The film features such craziness as a talking eyeball playing the role of Pippi’s grandmother, a Wizard of Oz-like band of bohemian love (trouble) makers, and some seriously twisted visual landscapes. Be sure to bring some Tylenol. Those prone to seizures may want to sit this one out.

Show times: Friday, March 25th @ 2:25PM and Saturday, March 26th @ 10:50PM

Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Runtime: 85 minutes
This particular French film is either going to be insanely good or insanely horrible. With the potential for both still up in the air, what Rubber does promise to be is a social experiment. Set in a desert town, the film depicts a serial killer that explodes the heads of his victims through the power of telepathy (Yup.)

Show times: Saturday, March 26th @ 11:35PM and Sunday March, 27th @ 4:35PM

So there you have it; a glimpse at some of this year’s finest. But don’t take my word for it (I feel slightly greasy having just typed that). At any rate, be sure to check out the Cleveland International Film Festival website for even more film previews and show times.

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