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CIFF 38 Coverage

Opening Night Gala

Lisa Sanchez

Everyone in attendance was in good spirits, eagerly discussing the film they had just watched or leafing through the CIFF movie program planning their next movie-going adventures. The atmosphere was electric with people celebrating the arrival of the film festival and celebrating the vibrancy of Cleveland in general. More...

38th CIFF Continues in Full Force

Hallie Witwer

It's good to make the littles ones think about serious issues. I believe their minds are capable of more than we sometimes give them credit for. More...

CIFF Closing Ceremonies

Lisa Sanchez

The 2014 festival broke records and set new standards for the almost 40-year-old Cleveland culture celebration. More...

Film Reviews

Preview Guide

Chad W. Lutz

Ah, springtime. Magical, inspiring; the kind of time each year that stirs the soul and reignites summer’s fires. The weather warms, the snow melts, the winds bite less, and the Cleveland International Film Festival makes its triumphant, annual return. O.K., while not everybody is standing around waiting on borrowed time for the festival, the Cleveland event has been a staple of the community for nearly 40 years, and for many marks the return of warmer weather, featuring some of the best in international film. More...

"Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf?"

Chad W. Lutz

"From beginning to end, 'Vagina Wolf' is a riot. You’ll be holding your sides and laughing well into the next scene at Anna’s cerebrally bold and self-deprecating personality." More...

"As The Palace Burns"

Lisa Sanchez

"As the Palaces Burn" is not a morality tale, it's just a humanity tale, as Blythe put it, "It's not a story I can write it's just a story I can live and hope for the best." More...


Lisa Sanchez

The film has a special brand of dark, unhinged humor mixed with irreverent sci-fi scenarios and disarming musical tones sure to please (and disturb). More...