Album Review

Cliterati - Demo 2016

Released: December 9, 2016
Lisa Sanchez

​There are times when I truly crave something different, emotional, and deeply personal. But, most of the time I just want to be reminded how politically fucked we are by a bad bitch vocalist and a band that grinds shit out for ten minutes. That, my friends is Cliterati’s Demo 2016. The bare bones release name and the band’s fantastically absurd name give you the whole story right there. If you hit up Cliterati’s demo expecting psychological insight, you deserve to be stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin like a flabby New York meat suit, formally dubbed Donald Trump.

Cliterati kick off their demo with “Make America Hate Again,” which you can probably guess what it’s about. Cliterati don’t so much rip in the metal vernacular as they scrape. Obviously, it’s the band’s first formal demo so things are pretty rough. But, Cliterati bring that raw, thrashy, basement show sound that I can always get behind, but it may not be everyone’s can of stale beer.

On “Marked By God” Cliterati kick it off fast (the whole thing is fast, but fuck off, I’m using words) and vocalist Ami Lawless gets a little more guttural as the band rockets through what I’ve dubbed “Circle Pit Circle Jerk Basement Hit #2.”

I legitimately enjoy Cliterati because I’m pissed off, they’re pissed off, and their album cover is a female wrestler about to lay the smack down on a cop. I’ve never been happier (still pissed, though). According to their Facebook page, the band describes themselves with only inquiries, “Hardcore? D-beat? Queer-core? Crust? Something like that.... Old school D-punk party crust attack!” pretty much sums up Cliterati’s “genre.” I personally enjoy Party Crust, myself.

In the dawning presidency of the unfathomable rape monster Donald Trump, the only facile argument people have is, “Well, at least there will be great punk bands for the next four years!” First thing, kick yourself in the face as hard as you can if you have ever uttered those words. Two, pick up the remainder of your teeth and listen to Cliterati, because you assholes may be onto something.

Seriously though, all I’ve wanted recently is some dirty, crusty, fast, angry, ridiculous basement junk music. Cliterati are all the adjectives. They have all the best words. I’ve been listening to their ten-minute demo on repeat for days. My ears are bleeding. Send help. But, goddammit it’s good.