Album Preview

Rush "Clockwork Angels"

Chad W. Lutz
In a rush? So are millions of other people in this fast-paced, internet-laced cyber-driven world. Everyone is in agonizing anticipation of what’s coming next, and who will bring it to fruition. The clock’s tocks become time bombs to the ear, one by one reminding us we have to suffer through another to get to the moment we’ve been anxiously awaiting. It’s pretty obvious that I’m talking about Rush’s highly anticipated 20th studio release.
Set to debut later this year is the next installment in the Rush discography, Clockwork Angels (2011). The band’s last release, 2007’s Snakes & Arrows, debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 and was the number one album in both the Top Rock and Internet album categories. It also marked the group’s 14th album to make the Top 10.
The album will be released on the heals of their “Time Machine Tour” which featured the band playing some old classics and Moving Pictures (1981) in its entirety. The tour made 40 stops through North America beginning June 29th of last year, including a performance at Nationwide Arena in Columbus on August 29th.
Co-producer of Snakes, Nick Raskulinecz, is producing the new album. The internationally renown progressive rock act known simply as Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and the inimitable thunder of Neil Peart already have their first single lined and primed for the masses. The 5:41 “Caravan” and its B-Side “BU2B” (4:22) were released June 1st, 2010 and are currently on sale on iTunes.
I took a look at the songs on to get a glimpse of what fans think about the album already. One said, “When Neil Peart drums the universal watchmaker pauses to heed the celestial thunder.” Another had this to say, “The more I listen to this song [BU2B] and Caravan, the more I pick up on the intricate amazing playing of each member. I think this is Neil's best [drumming] is quite dynamic, where he is accenting and filling in places I’ve never heard him do before.” It seems that fans are already accepting of the back to basics rock album, if only assumed by the glimpse of the singles.
It’ll be interesting to see the way Rush’s 20th album is received. More than 40 years after the band first formed in Toronto, Canada, Rush’s fan base appears to be as alive and as strong as ever. Sure, we still have to wait until the band and production managers decide on a suitable release date, but for now, everyone should be satisfied. At least until they finish the album.

*Clockwork Angels is set to release on Anthem (Canada) and Atlantic Records later this year.