Album Review

Megan Eidelbach
Listening to the brassy, jazzy sounds of Codeine Velvet Club puts me almost automatically in a secret fantasy. In it I am a secret assassin, out for revenge to the person who has killed my lover, dressed in 60's film noir clothing, and their music is pumping out in the background. I am lying in wait, sipping a scotch in seething tragedy, plotting my vengefulness, somewhere in the Hollywood hills, while the song “Hollywood” plays with each carefully constructed sip from my glass. I shake my head and snap myself out of my dream state and back into reality, into the now, and realize that though I am no 60's assassin, Codeine Velvet Club's music is the perfect accompaniment were I to be, or were I to make a movie where I was the main character in which I was.

The Scottish guitarist and singer Jon Lawler (better known as Jon Fratelli of The Fratellis) has joined with the ultimate woman to have a duet with- and her name is Lou Hickey. For example, on their song “Vanity Kills”, which is dark, seductive, and almost playful in its dreamy sensual duet, it is as if Lawler has metamorphosed into a combination of Sinatra and James Bond in his teasing machismo and Hickey into the singer of rockabilly band Devil Doll Colleen Duffy in her deeply veiled eroticism. Their songs have you reminded of David Lynch films and film noir, (interestingly enough supposedly their name is partly from Lynch's film “Blue Velvet”) and then in the mix suddenly there will be an interesting twist of alternative rock, waves of surf music-esque sound, enchanting words, and upbeat pop music. “I Am The Resurrection” is a fabulous song with twanging guitar (the one that is most Lynch to me) with gorgeous composition and soft, vacant lyrics and a solid sound.

Their self-titled album was released in the UK on December 28th, 2009 but is just getting ready for release in the States in April. They applied and won the Scottish Style Awards in 2009, which is no surprise in my eyes. This band is like no other. I very much hope that this side project doesn't stop here and goes on for a long time. The music world needs more originality and vintage beauty in the world instead of some of the ugliness out there today. Anything that can make you dream, can make you visualize, can take you to another place... definitely has my vote. I hope to hear much more from them.