Album Review

Cold War Kids - Hold My Home

Released October 21, 2014
Lisa Sanchez
Cold War Kids' fifth studio album, Hold My Home, dropped October 21 and proved the band may be physically incapable of making a bad record. The toe-tapping, hand-clapping sensibility remains in Hold My Home, while flawlessly combining a symphonic music composition and Nathan Willet's heartfelt vocals. This is not an Indie record for the faint of heart.
Hold My Home starts out strong and poppy with "All This Could Be Yours" followed by the mellower, beat-driven "First" and "Hot Coals". Hold My Home plays like the greatest hits collection of a band that's been around for decades. At one point, "Hotel Anywhere" channels a bit of the atmospheric, wide-open sound I associate with 90’s U2. The only difference is that I liked it. God help me if I enjoy anything resembling anything close to U2. Clearly, Cold War Kids are necromancer’s warlocks for this reason alone.
My favorite aspect of Cold War Kids’ sound is their ability to bring many different moods, tones, and sounds into their songs. The songs vary from the minimalist, slow, and fuzzy "Go Quietly" to the up-tempo, energetic, and synth-layered "Hold My Home" and all spectrums in between. The band has a knack for composition and making each song carry its own weight on an album that pretty much carries itself to begin with.
Hold My Home is an album that could be on constant repeat. It works as both background noise and the center of attention. The only thing it may not be good for is karaoke, because I have serious doubts that normal humans can hit some of the notes Willet hits on a normal rotation. Buy Hold My Home just to have it and you won't be disappointed, buy it to add some party to your life and you'll probably own it in every physical and digital rendition available.