Album Review

Cold War Kids "Mine IsYours"

Aaron George
The new Cold War Kids album, Mine is Yours, is if nothing else a musical sigh of relief for the group. The tones, lyrics, everything sounds like the work of a band that has just emerged from a dark place, or at the very least, matured as individuals. The lyrics especially hint that something has been discovered, something refreshing and loving.

What it is exactly that the band has overcome is any ones guess, but this album reeks of triumph and good vibes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and this glove fits the band well enough, it is a pretty far cry from the sort of gritty, back alley swagger of the "kids" past offerings however, and anyone hoping for a trip back to Robbers and Cowards will most likely be left wanting something more.

There are tiny glints of what made Cold War Kids special, songs like “Bulldozer”, “Sensitive kid”, and “Cold toes on the Cold floor” all retain the choppy rhythms and abrupt vocals, and of course Nathan Willett can still hit the high notes. Aside from these those, things seem to have taken a decidedly more (and it kills me to say this) almost soft rock turn. Very rarely does Willett make the piano keys dance on Mine is yours, and on the whole they have lost a good deal of their busted breed of charm.

Songs such as “Finally begin”, Broken Open”, and “Flying Upside Down” are more “whole” than the groups previous works, but this wholeness is sadly what makes the appeal of these songs short lived. Yes, it’s great that the band has been able to work with new producers and achieve a more “developed” sound, the main downfall of this however is that this new sound sounds strikingly close to the sort of sounds you might hear if you turned on a soft rock or contemporary Christian radio station, and I hate to say that sort of thing about this band, but it’s just how it is. Perhaps if it wasn't Cold War Kids playing this music, if it was some band that wasn't so unique in the past maybe it wouldn't be a let down at all. It’s not a bad album, but from this group, it’s clear that so much more is possible.