CIFF 40 Film Review

Collective: Unconscious

​I always make it a point to see at least one collection of shorts when I attend a film festival. This year, I did not, namely because the interconnected vignettes in Collective: Unconscious were so damn visually and cerebrally pleasing that I did not want to play roulette by attending an actual shorts program (although I’m sure they would have been wonderful).

The overall premise of the film is meditation and the dreaming mind. Five directors, five dreams, and the swap between each one makes this film what it is, with a gentle-voiced meditation guide providing connectivity in between sequences.

 As hokey as it sounds, they actually pull it off with a degree of class and modesty that one wouldn’t expect from a film of this artistic caliber. I won’t go into each of the vignettes specifically as it would sort of spoil the surprise, but the reader should probably know that there’s everything ranging from an experimental feminist piece on post-partum depression to a racially charged, morbidly humorous depiction of the Grim Reaper’s harvesting of souls.

Anyways, if the reader gets the chance to check these films out, I highly recommend they do.