Album Review

Comeback Kid - Die Knowing

Released: March 4, 2014
Steve Allanson
Canadian hardcore-punk band Comeback Kid is back with their seventh album, Die Knowing, and the second album with vocalist Andrew Neufeld. Neufeld offers a wide range of unique writing and vocal stylings, but the album as a whole fails to impress all the way through.

Die Knowing opens with the title track, which is really more of just an intro track with very little substance. Attempting to offer suspense to build up to the rest of the album the song falls short. With generic chugging and the occasional power-chord, “Die Knowing” will have your head bobbing but with little desire to go further.

The second track on the album, “Lower the Line” gets personal with fast drums and raunchy distorted guitars. Neufeld shouts his anger and angst about a death he doesn't understand. Through straightforward lyrics you can feel the pain in Neufeld's voice, “Of all the could've beens and the should've beens / How do you anticipate / this distorted tragedy? / Things like this tear your family / And I admit I can't relate / Believe me I wont walk away / 'Cause when the circumstance holds you back / Lower the line.”

“Wasted Arrows” and “Losing Sleep” blare through your speakers with unforgiving aggression. With pulse-pounding drumbeats and heavy rhythms, both tracks still fail to offer anything new to the genre. The lyrics provide little to relate to or power, which lead to them being skipped after the first listen.

Track five is “Should Know Better”, which happens to be the single for the album. It's not until track five that the album starts to show character. All previous songs, with the exception of “Lower the Line” tend to have a bland and emotionless feeling. In contrast, “Should Know Better” offers rich and powerful riffs and lyrics.

Songs like “Somewhere in this Miserable...”, “Beyond”, and “Unconditional” keep the album moving with the balancing of heavy punk style drums and devil-horn worthy guitars. Each of these tracks offers a unique sound that will keep your body moving in the pit. One of the stronger songs, “Beyond”, allows the bass guitar to take a walk, adding diversity to the track while offering a catchy punk sound.

The album closes with “Didn't Even Mind”, “Full Swing”, and “Sink In”. Each song brings a new flavor to your ear holes. “Didn't Even Mind” ranks among the better songs on the album and showcases Neufeld flaring his vocal ranges with a resemblance to Alexi Laiho. “Full Swing” brings a gift for old fans of the band when the original singer, Scott Wade, makes a guest appearance. The final track on the album “Sink In” is a great song overall but still has its weaknesses, specifically in the chorus where they just shout repeatedly, “I don't want to sink in.” Overall, Die Knowing will be a welcomed addition to fans of Comeback Kid but will do little to draw new fans.