Cordial Sins @ Ace of Cups 2/12

Nick Lotz

I am in love with the Cordial Sins. Their music is soft and sweet and feels like getting hugged by your mother as a child. Every time I’ve listened to their new album, regardless of what kind of mood has struck me, I will instantly relax.

Maybe it’s the vocalist’s soothing voice or the gentle guitars that sing in the background, occasionally wailing with harmonious bittersweet goodness; whatever it is, the romantic melodies of the Cordial Sins are so genuine and honest in their beauty that it’s difficult for me to imagine that anybody wouldn't like them.

I've listened to their debut album, Daze, countless times as I lay in bed, relaxing and preparing to fall asleep. For some odd reason, the song that has stood out to me the most is “Goodbye,” with it’s orchestral background set and 1950’s-slow-jam-esque vibrations, it is undeniably heartfelt to the nth degree.

The Cordial Sins are based out of Columbus and will be playing at their hometown venue Ace of Cups on February 12th. Tickets can be purchased here. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of feeling serene and blissful to check them out.