Album Review

Daniel Mustard "Daniel Mustard"

Aaron George
I’m just going to come out and say that the story behind this album fantastic. Daniel Mustard was homeless before getting his record deal. When I say homeless, I don’t mean a cutesy waif living out of a car like Jewel. I mean he was homeless, full beard, the whole shebang. If you would like to see the performance that got him his record deal, go to youtube and search “Daniel Mustard Creep”. It is the first video that will show up, and if you watch it you will have your chest opened up and the thing that sits behind your lungs tinkered with in all the right ways.

Did you watch it? Did you want to cry? Yeah, so does everyone else who watches it, that is music as it is meant to be and that is what it is supposed to do to people. After that you will probably be at least a little interested in hearing more from Mr. Mustard. His five song EP, called simply Daniel Mustard, is on itunes for about five bucks, but I am here to warn you that it is in no way represented by the video you just watched.

Is the EP bad? Well, that depends on your tastes. At times you would swear that these songs were actually just previously unreleased Hootie and the Blowfish songs, and when that happens it’s no fun. Other times though Mustard manages an almost Black Crowes-like sound, tapping into similar veins of addiction and soul.

The music could have benefited from a scaling back of the production. Singers like Mustard are best when they are raw, but the music here is so clean and gussied up that it may as well be any old soft rock group you hate to listen to. Mustard deserves more than that.

The fact is though that this man has talent, and on top of that he is living a life that most people have dreamed about at least once. In addition, he isn’t just a pawn for the major record labels. His EP is on Story Records, who if you try to look up you wont find much, which leads to the conclusion that it is a small company taking a chance on someone with a gift.

So, if you have five bucks to spare and feel like helping out someone who deserves it while getting some decent enough music out of it, you may want to pick this up. Just don’t expect the same power and emotion you find in Mustard’s rendition of “Creep.”