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Datsik Set to Play Ninja Nation Tour at House of Blues, Cleveland 1/31

                                                                           (​Nick Lotz
“Wow. Wow. Wow. This is quite exciting.”
-Me, when I found out I get to cover Datsik
“By the way, you have to listen to this track.”
-Me, directed towards you guys 

Check out "Smoke Bomb" with Datsik with Snoop Dogg.

Canadian music producer/DJ extraordinaire/owner of Firepower records/artist of kickassery, otherwise known as Datsik, is scheduled to play next Tuesday at The House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio (1/31/17).
In other news, people now know that Cleveland, Ohio is not just a made-up place which takes its name from a former President (thanks, Lebron!).
Datsik, otherwise known as Troy Beetles (which is such a cool moniker that this writer wonders why he didn’t just stick with that name), was born in 1988, same year as me (what the fuck am I doing with my life). His DJ name derives from the gamer tag he used while playing X-Box Live. Which begs the question, does he still use this gamer tag? Can I send him a friend request? Will he kick as much ass at Call of Duty as he does at music production? These are important questions, people!

His place of birth is Kelowna, British Columbia. From the Kelowna tourism website:
“Okanagan Lake forms Kelowna's western boundary, which means very easy access. Several nearby beaches offer a base for swimming, paddling, waterskiing, windsurfing and fishing. The younger set can build sandcastles on the shore and splash in the shallow water.”

He’s pretty fucking far removed from sandcastles at this point, if you ask me. So where did this savage, awesome, and brutally fun dubstep/drum&bass come from? The only possible conclusion I can come to is that it had something to do with an X-Box Live account. So remember, parents and future-parents, encourage your kids to kill n00bs (do people still use that word?) on their X-Box and maybe one day they’ll be a famous multimillionaire DJ and music producer.

So be certain to swing by the House of Blues next Tuesday (1/31/17) for this awesome show/rave/party/whatever. There will be other fucking amazing acts too, including Crizzly and Virtual Riot, but I don’t have the space or the time to properly articulate how fucking excellent they are as well (although you can listen a bit here Crizzly here  and Virtual Riot here, respectively).

      Tickets for the show can be purchased here and for more information on the coolest motherfucker I’ve had the privilege to cover thus far, check out Datsik’s website here .