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Show Review

Diamonn Gurr

Evan Wallis
Albert Einstein once said that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art. Still ringing true today, the mystery surrounding Diamonn Gurr and her debut show at Mayday on Friday created hype around a musical act whose songs have never been heard.

A lot of promoting went into Diamonn Gurr’s debut show, but none of it was direct. Stickers are seemingly everywhere; at Midpoint bands wore t-shirts and dedicated songs to her, yet no one knows who she is. Everything pointed to her website. A visit to the website didn’t reveal much either. Other than a note about her hatred for Tucker Smitt, another ambiguous character, you wouldn’t learn much more than the fact that she once lived in Brooklyn, but was pushed out by Smitt, and has been underground ever since. Minute long videos appeared on her website but only showed people dancing to ambient noise and skittish beats.

When the time came for her glorious debut about 200 people showed up to see who she was.

Two bands, Holy F*nk Mountain and Sacred Spirits performed as opening acts. With members from recently disbanded Enlou and the Cincinnati favorite, the Pomegranates, these bands played superb sets. Holy F*nk Mountain sounded like a modern twist on the Talking Heads, while Sacred Spirits had an ambient indie rock style. Just like much of this show, these bands came out of nowhere, but were not a disappointment.

After a brief intermission, whispers started drifting through the crowd as people heard that the video was starting. “It’s starting, get in here!” The crowd moved from the bar to the stage as a music video was projected on a white bed sheet. The video was about nine minutes long and showed the fabled Diamonn Gurr in various places around the city. Diamonn Gurr sang, but with a man’s voice, a shirtless bartender danced and a boy sat in a field and sang, all with the same ambient noise and jittery beats that were in the promo videos. The video ended and still left a question hanging in the air – who is Diamonn Gurr?

As an emcee got the crowd chanting for Diamonn Gurr after the video, she came pushing her way through the crowd from the back of the room. After clearing a path to the stage, she started DJing. It became clear that this Diamonn Gurr was not the one from the video, but rather a boy dressed in drag. With a DJ set that mixed almost every genre of music into dance-tastic jams and even made Ke$ha bearable, she (he?) had people dancing all night. With bar-closing time nearing, she exited without a word and the crowd left that night knowing no more about Diamonn Gurr, save that she is a truly talented DJ. We hope for future revelations.