Show Review

Die Antwoord @ Jacob's Pavilion 8/11

Morgan Minch

​I forget the streaming site from which my fondness for Die Antwoord comes, but it just knew too much about me. This group has fueled my bedroom dance-workouts for a few years to date! Die Antwoord is from the Afrikaans region of Cape Town, and they represent the Zef musical movement—a culmination of rave, rap, and the macabre.
Their rhymes are sexual and often violent, so I expected their audience to reflect a certain crudeness. That was wrong of me—I could see that Midwesterners of all passions enjoy Die Antwoord’s energy.
After a long period of unresolved noise, numbingly loud, DJ God’s silhouette commanded the "Chanting Monks Intro" to blast your eye sockets. Among a glowing, all-over neon that filled the massive shape not unlike the tip-top of Tikal, Yolandi and Ninja used the massive set to hop down and storm the place. They entered wearing orange hoodies and sweatpants, hoods rendering them faceless. Squabbling, excitable whispers stretch over the fat bass of "House of Zef."
"Fatty Boom Boom" is a crowd pleaser and always incites naughty dancing, and that was so true here. Everyone was getting funky down below the bleachers and it was just kind of a fun scene to peer into. "Girl I Want 2 Eat You" was next with a winding afro-latin habanero rhythm.
After a few more from Ten$ion and Donker Mag, they performed the very clubby "Ugly Boy," with its modern, carefree and actually chic mix. A flow of sexy brother sister-rap (just get used to it with Die Antwoord) was layered on top. Ninja crept up and sang a reflective, vocal-only song dressed in a suit, then carefully dove into the pit. Next was "Baby’s on Fire." It’s cute, it’s comical, and in a minor scale the whole time. Perfect dance song. It also had a cheesy animation to fill the temple that DJ God sat atop consisting of colorful little dudes with humongous sex organs, and dancing sperm.
Yolandi had been chirping the whole time, flaunting her high, controlled pipes. Her adorable little demonic persona charms even the most skeptical of listeners. She had been flaunting her little strong shape throughout the show, but Ninja was the only one bearing his ass.
A mammoth barge moved behind the pavilion as "I Fink U Freeky" left everyone shaken. The bass was unbelievable and the barge, dimly lit in the black evening water, added to the illicit feel of the program. The duo sang "I Don’t Care" tenderly and finished with a bang—"Enter the Ninja." I left the pavilion feeling chill, but thrilled!