Dreamers' Top 10 Tour Tunes

Lisa Sanchez

Dreamers, a three piece synth-rock band made of neon and fashion models, has been on my radar for a while now. The California band played Cleveland in March and blew me away with their easy groove and infectiously catchy and trippy lyrics. Luckily, Dreamers are bringing their special brand of hypnotic rock back to Ohio. The band will play with Good Fine OK at The Basement in Columbus on November 22. To celebrate their triumphant Ohio return (the state is a big deal, we have buckeyes) Dreamers have comprised a tour playlist for their fans to get them excited for the show and hopefully put a little Dreamers flavor into your music rotation.

Check out the Dreamers' playlist below with a little insight into why the band chose their tour songs. Tickets for the Dreamers show on November 22 so be inspired, buy some tickets, and support these dudes.
Highly Suspect - Little One
​Our friends and fellow Brooklyn-ites Highly Suspect have continued to slay with their newest release.  It came out just a few days ago and naturally made it onto our tour playlist.  
Zella Day - Man On The Moon
​We had the pleasure of touring with incredible Zella Day this summer, and this was our favorite song from her set.  Now that she's finally released it we can click it on Spotify at last.
Benjamin Clementine - I Won't Complain
​I just became aware of this British poet and recording artist, and was floored. This song is a beautiful explanation of the human condition.  
John Lennon - How Do You Sleep?
​Reaching back into some gems from the past, we've been jamming to this incredibly badass song.  It appears to be a brutal dis directed at Paul McCartney, but personal politics aside, this is an incredible song.
Sales - Ivy
​Love this band out of Florida. This song is just extremely classy and lovely. 
Robert John - Sad Eyes
​Missed out on this Billboard #1 hit from 1979? Get it in your life, it's got the soul.
The Mountain - Levon Helm
​We put this on driving through the American forests of Pennsylvania.  It's an incredible, sad, happy, spooky and beautiful song about rural American life, and a true classic.  
Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack
​I'm realizing that this playlist is on the moody-mellow side, and this song takes the feels to a whole new level.  Radiohead is one of our mutual favorite bands, and this is the last song on their album Kid A, which was a life changer for us and many others.
Suicide - Ghost Rider
​Suicide was a New York based electro-punk-industrial-noise duo essentially loathed during the late 70s and then gradually recognized as way ahead of the curve and inspiring artists from Bruce Springsteen to LCD Soundsystem to M.I.A.  "Ghost Rider" is a particularly melodic and haunting slice of their sound. Great for late night hypnotic drives through deserted stretches of American landscape.
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker
​Legendary Poet and American hero Leonard Cohen just released a new album! I was not aware of this, and when I first heard this song I assumed it was some old classic, because of how timeless, bone-chilling, and just plain good it is.