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Dusmesh Indian Restaurant


Chad W. Lutz
Ah, Cincinnati: a hodgepodge of colonial and urban heritage. Take a trek through any of the Queen City’s neighborhoods and find an eclectic and rich mix of culture, residents and entertainment. Like many cities in the Midwest and around the world, Cincinnati boasts restaurants to satisfy most any taste. And one neighborhood in particular located along Ludlow Ave. just north of the University of Cincinnati lays claim to several restaurants able to make mouths water from the storefront window.

Drive a little further down famed Ludlow Ave. and dining denizens will find a hidden treat inside a converted row house painted an unmistakable sea foam green. Despite the odd color choice, nothing about what’s offered inside the establishment known as Dusmesh Indian Restaurant causes consternation, unless of course you don’t like Indian food.

Dusmesh Indian Restaurant offers light, casual atmospheres perfect for dinner dates or relaxing evenings out with friends. Traditional Indian decor lines the walls and a soft and subtle air of tabla and sitar fill the dining areas. The restaurant provides seating for nearly 100 guests and prepares food faster than you can finish giving the waitress your order. Dusmesh is a dry house, but fret not. The establishment promotes a B.Y.O.B. policy. Patrons may bring adult beverages with them to dinner; Dusmesh simply asks customers drink responsibly. Guests may dine-in or carryout, but dining in is half the experience and should be tried at least once for those who find the food to their likings.

The Dusmesh menu consists of traditional Indian offerings. No, not blue-maize, Miles Standish Indian offerings. We’re talking shwarma, choley, naan, samosa, dal soup, pakoda and keema, all spiced to patron tastes on a scale of one to six. While dining I tried the four, thinking I was being conservative even though I love spicy food and found just enough kick to give my food some heat, but wished I would have bumped it up to a five or six. I have what you would call a devil’s tongue.

A recent renovation to the restaurant included an updating of the interior of the facility as well as the memorable sea foam paint now found on the exterior. Parking is limited, and peak hours for the restaurant occur around 6:30pm. Meat lovers, vegetarians and the Gluten-Free community will find the menu appetizing, accommodating and delicious. That is, of course, if you enjoy the smell and taste of curry. But even if you don’t, Dusmesh Indian Restaurant serves food worth busting out of your taste-bud shackles to indulge in something maybe a little bit different and possibly new to you. And if tasting the food itself doesn’t do it for you, well then there is no pleasing you.

Dusmesh Indian Restaurant
944 Ludlow Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
(513) 221-8900
Monday thru Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Prices: $1.25 to $15.00
photos courtesy of google images