Elle Tyler

Hometown: Columbus,Ohio and New York City

Farthest place from Ohio I have ever been? France, Spain and Greece

Favorite band when I was 10: Aerosmith and Heart (seriously)
15: No Doubt, Queen
20: David Bowie
25: The Killers

Favorite record store: My fathers basement/club house. He has an enormous and absolutely untouchable collection of vinyl.

Picnic or Bowling Alley: Picnic... provided the blankets are cozy and there's wine involved

Favorite adult beverage: Vodka & Soda, Champagne

Favorite un-adult beverage: Iced coffee and orange juice

Any enemies? Hopefully not... but if the potential arises, i'd rather think nothing of them instead. Having an enemy seems very stressful.

One weakness I have: watching Bravo. it's become a pretty upsetting love affair.

An anecdote I have about me in 50 words or less: I'm all things music, fashion, laughter and love. I desire both grandeur and wholesome comfort at all times and almost always surprise people with a quality they wouldn't expect. My heart is probably too big for my own good, but i'm ok with that.