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‚ÄčCanton Band Embleton Releases Single From Upcoming "It Did Me Well"

Chad W. Lutz
‚ÄčOhio-native and local Canton artists Embleton release their first single from the forthcoming album titled, It Did Me Well. The single, "Leaving For Good", appears fourth on the nine-track LP made right here in the City of Canton over the last year and as the fruit of hours upon hours of relentless collaboration. The album, "began as a winter record," and will be released as such on March 10. You can preorder the album, which also features a lingering cover of Willie Nelson's "Sad Songs and Waltzes", on iTunes in addition to purchasing the single.

If you want a closer look at the band, check out our Music Showcase featuring Embleton performing the record's title track. Either way will serve you well.

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