Album Review

Fall of Troy - OK

Released: April 20, 2016
Dylan Sonderman

The Fall of Troy was once one of my favorite bands. And as of April 20, 2016, the progressive mathcore/post-hardcore band has released their fifth studio album, OK.

As I got to witness in September of 2015, the band still very much kills it live. Their performance was incredible and inspiring. And the new songs they played sounded pretty promising. Still I waited, hoping that a new record would somehow live up to the hype. I greatly enjoyed listening to all of their previous albums, especially 2005’s Doppelganger, and even the somewhat-maligned In the Unlikely Event from 2009.

OK is the first release by the band since the group split up in 2010, though they’ve been playing live on and off since 2013. The reunited lineup consists of all three founding members: Thomas Erak (vocals, guitar), Tim Ward (bass, vocals), and Andrew Forsman (drums).

The album is available for free as a thank you gift to their supportive fans.

Back in full force are the wild and winding guitar melodies. Thomas Erak shreds in fine form, sounding like three guitarists in one while singing and screaming at the same time. The solos and riffs all come through clear with the album’s crisp production.

The vocals cover the same wide range of screams and melodic clean singing as featured on previous records. Forsman’s drumming hits a new level of precision and complexity. I feel like he’s really stepped it up, and he was no slouch before. There are 16th note fills and time changes everywhere one turns on OK. Bassist Tim Ward takes on more vocal duties than ever before. The band is firing on every cylinder. The arrangements are complex, multi-faceted, expansive, yet tight and direct.

I didn’t think one man could come up with that many unique guitar riffs in one lifetime, but Erak proved me wrong again. From the particular type of lyrics and catchy melodies to the cathartic screams and energetic frenzied shredding, the band is particularly adept at sounding like themselves from 10 years ago. I think that’s a lot more difficult to achieve than people would like to believe.

“401K”,  “Inside Out”,  “Savior”, “Auto Repeater”  and “Your Loss” held up as the strongest tracks to me on repeat listens. OK is consistent throughout and should please Doppelganger devotees and casual fans alike. In addition to revisiting old ground, there are a few forays into less-explored territory on the album including little electronic flourishes and guest vocals. The last three tracks break up the monotony nicely. “Love Sick” is basically one long breakdown, and “Your Loss” is a nice grand finale to the album.

…did I mention that the record is available for free?

Check it out! What are you waiting for?