album review

​Fall Out Boy - American Beauty/American Psycho

Released January 20, 2015
Lisa Sanchez
​Fall Out Boy recently released their sixth album American Beauty/American Psycho. The album acts as official proof that Fall Out Boy has released at least four albums too many in the last decade. American Beauty/American Psycho lives up to its cheesy, cheeky, namesake, considering the band packs the album full of gross overproduction and sentimentality.
The album starts out with, "Irresistable" which plays like a general heartbreak anthem mixing with vocalist Patrick Stump's keen voice and witty lyrics to form the pony Fall Out Boy has been riding to death for 10 years. But, there are so many effects in each one of the songs that it weighs them down. The songs aren't garbled, they're just so full of junk they sound like a collaboration of every "amp up" song played at high school basketball games. Even Stump's accomplished singing is drowned out by auto tuning and effects to the point where it sounds like he's singing out of the ass of a robot. And I'd be willing to wager that robot wouldn't even get dinner out of the deal.
Fall Out Boy has always been catchy, and American Beauty/American Psycho continues their reign as pop kings. You can't help but enjoy a few seconds of their songs in spite of yourself. You can find at least 30 in "Centuries" and "The Kids Aren't Alright" that are solid enough to make you admit you listen to Fall Out Boy (caught you!), but, songs like "American Beauty/American Psycho" and "Immortals" are just too pandering to be redeemable.

However, "Uma Therman" made me dance and sing along, even in the face of reluctance. It is by far the number-one track on the album. But, that's it. Every other song has some terrible self-admission of sadness or some ludicrous statement of grandeur backed up by synth and that awful bellowing noise that can be heard in every Batman movie. You know, the one that sounds like a giant kazoo going through puberty. Yeah, that noise. American Beauty/American Psycho is the musical equivalent of covering a skateboard in glitter. There's some interesting core buried under all the other nonsense, but you'd be chiseling away for days to find it. It just makes the dead-hearted adult part of me cringe. 
Let me just put it like this, when I first started listening to American Beauty/American Psycho a tampon commercial came on at the same time. Which is a genius cross marketing campaign for the band's album release. Fall Out Boy: an operatic soundtrack for when your menses drain. That's the best way I can describe this album. I hate to say I expected more, I'm not sure exactly how much more, but American Beauty/American Psycho is like paying a twenty-dollar entrance fee to a spoiled teenagers Sweet Sixteen party. No one is having fun there, no matter how much you dress it up.