Firefly Music Festival

June 19 - 22, 2014

Founded in 2012, Firefly Music Festival takes place at one of the least likely places for a giant music, love-in: an international raceway. Far removed from the NASCAR-loving crowds that usually adorn Dover International Speedway will be fans of harmony and rhythm congregating for four days of music, camping, and fun (perhaps a little debauchery, too). Originally held in July in its inaugural year, Firefly Music Festival will be held in late July and offer every opportunity to swing and sway, stay up late, and not shower for days on end.

Firefly Music Festival offers anything but typical fest fanfare. The event partners with local Dogfish Head and is probably best known for The Pathway, the Hammock Hangout, and craft, artisan foods, aside from the music, of course. Festival-goers may also purchase goods at The Hub, which operates like a convenience store. There's even a full gaming arcade.

Building on last year's lineups, Firefly Music Festival will feature another eclectic mix of music, with tastes ranging from hard and heavy to light and airy. Big names expected to grace the stages of Firefly are Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Imagine Dragons, Beck, The Lumineers, The Arctic Monkeys, and Weezer. Click on the link below for a full listing of musical acts expected to perform:

2014 Firefly Music Festival Lineup
2014 Firefly Music Festival Tickets